Slow Play candidate?

cxy123cxy123 Red Chipper Posts: 65 ✭✭
NL4 (~12$ equivalent on Nitrogen)
V is on the button and very loose preflop (vpip in 60-70% range) and limp calls a lot. no hud but if I had to guess he is playing 65/10 or something like that.

Hero/MP - 100bb - Opens 3bb with JJ
V/Button - 125bb - calls 3bb

J64 rainbow

I generally never slow play but I am absolutely smashing this. What am I worried about? This V will call and chase a lot. 76, 86, 65, Ace with 4-5-6 and some etc types of hands are going to call a flop bet. And against this specific opponent I am c-betting a very high frequency b/c I know he will fold flop and if not he will fold a lot of turns on a lot of high boards. I am assuming V views Hero as having a tight range. So if A/K/Q rolls off on the turn V may shut down to any bet unless he backed into a A6 or A4 two pair. V will spazz occasionally and massively overplay a mid PP here sometimes as well. I discount any overpair but maybe 1-2 combos of QQs say.

Is this a slow play candidate?


  • Brews_and_CardsBrews_and_Cards Red Chipper Posts: 101 ✭✭
    If we are cbetting at a high frequency against V, doesn't it look very suspicious when we don't? We don't want to get in the habit of slow playing our big hands and only winning small pots with them.

    That said, I think this is an acceptable hand to check on the flop. We aren't likely getting more than one or two streets of value here. It's hard for V to have caught a piece of this flop.

    If he checks it back, I'm planning on betting 60-70% pot on the turn. It might look like we're trying to buy the pot after checking the flop. Especially if the turn is a brick. Could induce a hero call.

    If he calls, I'm firing another big barrel on the river to try and sell my bluff story.
  • MichaelBMichaelB Red Chipper Posts: 211 ✭✭✭
    VPIP isn't so relevant in this hand with regards to whether or not you should slow play it. Is he aggressive when checked to, or does he like to get to showdown, and how much of a station is he seem more pertinent to me.

    My decision to bet or go for a check on the flop is purely based on how sticky or tricky he is, not so much on his absurdly wide range.

    Remember, triple barrels can look as much like bluffs to the right player as check flop, then bet turn and river. Whatever you do, DO NOT get tricky yourself with any check-raises or something like that, keep his and your ranges as wide as possible.
  • rickmfrickmf Red Chipper Posts: 107 ✭✭
    i had a similar post regarding made sets with questionable boards. In this case i think check-calling is a fine line. Villain likely whiffed the flop but may improve to a better 2nd best hand on the turn. Also can induce betting from him. Certain opponents will think you're strong and trying to trap if you all the sudden check the flop instead of c-betting, but many will think you're weak. Not a board that hits a lot of MP opening ranges (6max or full ring?), so villain could likely think you have air as well. You mentioned villian folds a lot of flops/ turns so you may need to get them to bet value for you.

    I agree with not check-raising this flop unless youre against a call station, but depending on the turn it might be something to think about imo.
  • cxy123cxy123 Red Chipper Posts: 65 ✭✭
    Thanks everyone.

    The more I looked at it I think I just continue betting this. I think bet/bet/bet is the best line on almost all board run outs. I dont think there are enough cards where he catches up to pay more later. Tough to get a lot of value unless we cooler him and I think the most value might be had on the flop.

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