Busted in two hands.

John_BlancoJohn_Blanco Red Chipper Posts: 18 ✭✭
Hi,what could I have done different in those two hands?

I registered late,nearly at the end of the reentries/registration,live 60$ MTT.

blinds 100/200
12000 starting stack

First hand:
Folds to MP1 who limps

Me next to act, with
Raised to 600 (12K starting stack)

Button,SB and limper calls. (all of them had me covered)

Flop (2600)

SB,limper checks.
I c-bet 1200,folds to limper who raises to 3500.
Is my first very hand at the table so I dont know what is he limping calling with.
I call.

Turn (9600)

Limper bets 4000

I fold.He shows :9h:9s

thoughts about this one?

Maybe K7 is a bit too loose,however the guy in the BB looked like not willing to defend wide (the way he stacked his chips was like if he was too attached to them,with the side strips straighten up and did not seem to be paying too much atention to the table)
So I was trying to steal the blind basically.
I could shove turn maybe?But I did not want to get stacked in a blind steal attempt pot

The one that sent me home was few hands after that one. (hands that,a shortstack who will become villain next hand,won by taking them preflop shoving with no callers)


Blinds now are 200/400 with 400 BB ante.

UTG opens 1500 (triples my stack roughly)
UTG+1 (the shortstack that I was talking about ,and now covers me for around ~800 more) calls.
BU calls.
Me (6900) in the SB calls with
:Ks:Qd .

Flop (6800)


UTG checks,UTG+1 bets 4000.
BU folds.
UTG folds.
I shove and he snap calls with

Turn and River don't improve my hand so finito tourney.

Maybe shove Pre?
Or fold pre?since UTG open is probably dominating KQo,even more reasons to fold with UTG+1 calling behind?
Fold top pair good kicker on the flop?




  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 5,045 -
    First hand just fold pre, there are no antes yet. As played, fold to flop ck-ra. Your opponent takes a dreadful line here, but 99 is the very bottom of their range. I never get to the turn obv, but... I mean shoving works against V's hand but not their range, so folding is fine.

    Second hand just fold pre. Your stack gives you no FE here. As played your postflop line is probably your only option.
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  • persuadeopersuadeo Red Chipper Posts: 4,388 ✭✭✭✭✭
    You just dusted off a huge part of your stack with K7 while saying
    I dont know what is he limping calling with

    Seems like a problem - constant theme in this forum is not understanding what a limp means.

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