Visual Representation of a Polarized Range

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In a couple of threads, I've noticed people (possibly even myself) struggling with the concept of a polarized range. In my experience, one of the best ways to thoroughly learn a concept is to try and teach it. So I started thinking about how I would explain a polarized range to someone. And I couldn't find a good visual representation of the concept. So I tried to design one. But I'm certainly not a graphic artist, so my product is crude.

I borrowed a hand from a poker resource and used it to show how our decision to bet or check makes Villain's decisions difficult. Our check or bet can both display strength and weakness, which is the desired result in attempting to play in an inexploitable manner.

I'm curious if anyone else has seen a similar, or better, visual representation. And any feedback on whether or not this is correct, as well.

This hand is Hero in the SB 3betting a Reg UTG open in 50NL 6max online.



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