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Whats up guys, Ben here. A little thought exercise: I know one of my weaknesses is not reading hands as much as I should be. So for today’s post I’m going to review a hand I think I played well (or luck boxed if not) in which I do not remember what the villain showed. I’ll review the hand as normal, commenting on what I think his range is and how it narrows throughout the hand. Any thoughts on my play, villain’s play, my thought process, etc. are appreciated. I used “Poker Hand Review” sheet from CORE as the template for going through this.

Preliminary info: Online MTT (60k GTD) hand played in the early middle stages (while re-entry is still allowed).
500/1000 Blinds, ante 125
Effective stacks in the hand are 18.

I wake up with :Tc:TH: . UTG and UTG+1 fold. I open MP1 for 3BB (3,000). My stacks are 32,542 before opening, with only 3 of the other stacks shorter than mine (9 handed). Folds to BB who calls. He has 18,315 prior to calling and is the table’s short stack.
I assign villain a range of 99-22, AJs-A5s, KTs+, QTs+, J9s+, T9s, 98s, 87s, AJo-ATo, KQo,
which seems like a believable tight calling range for a short stack getting closer to push/fold territory.
His vpip/pfr is 13/7 but only on 15 hands; I was recently moved to this table.

Flop (7625): :Kc:Ts:8c
BB checks to me. I elect to check back. I believe villain could have an over card such as an A, AQ, or AJ very likely. He is unlikely to have a T since I am blocking, but could have an 8 or K in his hand, though he likely would bet a K.
I know slow-playing is typically frowned upon but I flopped a set and want to give villain a chance to stab and give me some value since he I playing short and may fold a lot. A flush draw and gutshot are the only real worries, as I beat the rest of his range (I did not include Q9 in his starting range) If I c-bet here I can only hope to be called by two pair (none possible in his range though).

Turn (7625): :7h
BB leads for half pot (3813) and I XR to 7626 hoping to get stacks in. Villain goes all in for 16315 and I call.
When villain leads for half pot I believe he is hoping to rep a made straight, or is value betting pair of Kings. I don't believe he would value bet any pair below K. When I XR him I believe he is too short stacked to fold and turns his hand into a bluff with a gutshot. AQ most likely.
My play worked exactly as I hoped, but did I make a good play? The 7 could improve villain's range slightly, while it likely will not help mine. BTW my starting range in MP1 is 22+,A2s+,KTs+,QTs+,JTs,T9s,98s,87s,76s,AQo+ (what up Ed Miller). I XR to induce a shove, believing I will likely have the best hand here.

River (40,255): :8s
The river upgrades me to a full house. I believe villain will show up with AQ, KQs, or AJ most likely.
Villain shows KdJc. Worth noting I may have assigned way too tight a range to my opponent (since obviously this hand specifically was not considered though I correctly asserted he is likely to have a K).
What is the major mistake you made in this hand? None
What is the biggest mistake your opponent made here? Shoving instead of folding the turn XR.
How could you better exploit this opponent in future hands? Play aggressively with TPTK or better, as he is willing to shove TPGK at least short stacked.
If you played this hand again, which line would you take? The same.
What is the biggest takeaway from this hand that you can use in your next session? Flop sets as often as possible :P But in all seriousness I do spew a lot on PP that don't work out, so if anyone sees any holes here lmk. Thanks!


  • MichaelBMichaelB Red Chipper Posts: 211 ✭✭✭
    I dunno, I think checking this flop back is kinda criminal. There's barely a hand he'd call with pre that he won't want to continue with and you're not blocking top pair.
  • CactusCardsCactusCards ArizonaRed Chipper Posts: 141 ✭✭
    I would also bet the flop there - with what you ranged him on, a K hits a lot of that and would give him plenty of combos he could continue with.
  • bmat66bmat66 Red Chipper Posts: 21 ✭✭
    Appreciate the feedback guys, I actually had another pocket pair in this same tournament where I played the same line (checking back after flopping trips in position) and was unable to extract further value on the the turn after opponent checked again. Noted
  • MnpokerMnpoker Red Chipper Posts: 127 ✭✭
    I do not like the check on the flop. The board was very draw heavy to hand that beat you with both flush and straight draws and you give V a free shot at the draw. Make people pay to see their draws. You got lucky and got it in but more common on the turn is that they make their hand or shut down

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