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I've been playing poker with buddies for years, but just started trying to take it more seriously (just started CORE). Haven't posted a hand review before but would love some feedback.

This is .5/1 NL private online game. Most players seem to play pretty loose but a few good players from what I can tell. Most hands go 3-4 ways to flop with everyone limping in.

7/9 Seats. I'm UTG w/ $85 with :Kd :KS:

I raise $2, SB Calls, BB Calls

:2C: :QH: :9C: Pot: $6

SB Checks, BB Checks, I c-bet $3, SB Folds, BB Calls

:Td Pot: $12

BB Checks, I c-bet $6, BB Calls

:TH: Pot: $24

BB Checks, I c-bet $25, BB Calls

BB shows :JS: :KC: Pot: $74

Felt like a bad beat, but curious if I missed something? I had the BB ID'd as a LAG with very wide range in the BB, especially with the check-call on each street.



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    I would bet larger preflop. Online 6 max, I open 3x BB from UTG and HJ, and 2.5x from all later spots.

    Flop cbet sizing is fine. When he calls, you have to be thinking about his range now. Club draws, AcJ, AcT, KJ, QT, QJ, Q9s, JT, J8cc, T9s, maybe 98s.

    Turn is a T. That makes a lot of 2p hands for BB's range. I think this is a card we should be checking back. We have great SDV and the board is getting dangerous for us. If we had KQc, AQc, AJc, AKc, 99, TT, I think those are fine to bet this turn. Checking our overpairs let us check our AKo and other hands that are in trouble.

    River makes some of those 2p hands into boats. V, who you say is a LAG, hasn't been aggressive at all for two streets. That should start raising some red flags. Is he trapping? Did he make a straight? Did he fill up on the river? If we bet for value, and he x/r, are we calling?

    SC club draws, AJ, Q9, and QJ are the only hands that we beat at this point that would likely x/c two streets. You could bet for thin value, but I think it's the -EV play here in the long run, as only QJ and Q9 are calling from the hands we beat. I'm checking this river back and showing down with my KK.
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    As said, preflop sizing is too small. You can go for 3-4$

    Postflop you can / should go much bigger, 66-75% pot size bet. On the flop, there are many QX (even if KQ is blocked), JT and :CLUB: FD (which you don't block since not having :KC: ) to call you... plus some worst hands which are floating like gutter, 9X, low PP, 2hXh etc.

    Betting :TD: really depends on how sticky V are. More sticky = betting more and more often; more straightforward = betting less often and smaller (half pot bet). Because a straightforward will fold too much of his range and be more QT, T9 and strong QX (which we block) oriented.

    But river is good because it makes V less likely to hold QT and T9. So I'd go for 2/3 pot size bet.
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    These posters are right, you have a lot of checks on the turn and get to play in position with what will play out as a very effective bluff catcher or thin value hand on the river.

    One can simplify and improve one's game greatly by understanding what boards belong to whose range and therefore which boards one side is incentivized to lay a price on, rather than thinking of poker as a continual round of thinner and thinner actions and guesses.

    As for the opening size, it is probably theoretically ideal but at the same time unsuited to this game and most games, simply because of how opponents respond.

    Lastly, a very thin value bettor like Red will find bets here sometimes, but now this bet will often face a check raise, creating a difficult spot, whereas using position wisely makes for an incredibly easy spot.
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    This is all great feedback! Thank you all!
  • TheGrindersCookbookTheGrindersCookbook Merrimack, NHRed Chipper Posts: 68 ✭✭
    Agree with everyone else here on preflop sizing. I think you can go more to 3-4x at these stakes. 2x with a table you described as limp-happy is begging to get called and reduce your equity in this hand. 3-4x you generate more fold equity preflop and hopefully get this premium hand against 1-2 opponents max.

    The other thing is the flop bet, I agree with @Red here too. You have to figure you have a ton of Qx hands, straight draws and flush draws itching to come along. Charge them more to see these cards, thus you increase the pot size for your hand when its best and generate more fold equity without possibly having to see another card that can really hurt you.

    I don't think its a bad beat, I think V had a great price to call the 2 most important parts of this hand -preflop and the flop. Also - agree with @persuadeo here, I wonder why V is not x/r here? Fear of a boat makes some sense but so unlikely?

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