Calling down with AK high vs maniac.

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1/3 NL underground nyc. effective stack is me ~1000$ game often plays deep. I was a little scared money in this hand.

Villian in question is a total maniac, shoved over ep open and ep 3bet for ~1000$ with 78o and ending up winning 3k pot. He also shoved an ace high flop (2x pot) earlier with backdoor clubs/backdoor straight and I called him with ace rag. He also floated flops and turns with ace high rag routinely and shoved rivers.

I'm in sb with AKo, maniac villain raises (as he did every hand) to $20. Folds to me in sb I 3 bet to $70 (maybe should have gone to $100 oop?).
Pot is ~150 Flop comes 275 rainbow. I bet for 90. He calls. I bet thinking I was ahead of his range and didn't want to check call two streets as he bets every time checked to.

Pot is now $250 Turn is 3 completes rainbow. Picking up a gutshot, and what I thought could still be the best hand, I fire 100$ as sort of a blockish bet. Perhaps I should be check calling here? Villian raises to $225. Of course I'd usually fold, but this guy is a maniac and with about 10 outs (I think), I call looking to check call most rivers.

Pot is now $700. River is another 3. Board is now 27533. I check. Villain shoves for my remaining ~650ish. I fold. I offer him $5 to show and he shows 46o for the turned straight.

This guy has shown a propensity for triple barreling with total air, so I contemplated making this hero, but I felt this was a good board for him. I guess this goes back to the turn, where I should have folded. I was pretty lost in this hand as I'm used to making exploitative folds on the river shove/turn raise. This was a unique situation, so I was pretty lost in this hand.

Any thoughts and how I should play this hand?


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    Again, position is one of the most important things in poker, so if your OOP, size up to punish callers when you have good RA, especially vs a maniac. Also, part of the power of AK is the fact that it NEEDS folds occasionally, since you only got a 50% chance to hit a pair by the river. So, I'm sizing up to $100-110. If I don't think he ever folds, I may even go larger, or smaller depending on if you wanna keep SPR larger cause your afraid to play a big pot with a hand like AK that you may be put to a decision for your stack with only TPTK. You gotta decide.

    Flop: This board is better for the caller not you. I know you have ALL PP AND blah blah blah. But this is the nutjob who doesn't fold, and shows up with wacky crap right? Why the 2/3rds? He's never folding a pair. You wanna 2/3rds as an exploit with your big PP fine, but change your sizing in accordance with the board, your range and how it hits this board, and his tendencies to call or raise you.

    Turn: It's a good card for you, but again, you picked up equity, but this guy have proven that you don't have the normal FE that playing against other opponents you might be able to rely on. So don't bet, go for some pot control.

    River: It's a clear fold. Maniac or not, you want a pair at least.

    Food for thought: Against certain opponents, how does sizing, position, and stack sizing affect "goals" for the hand? How do you maximize EV vs certain opponents, and how should you range be played vs them? The ole barrel o fun method that many low stakes players who are profitable doesn't always work, and can cost you a lot of money (like vs this maniac who doesn't give up and plays a wide range).
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    edited March 7
    Beating maniacs requires some sort of hand. Ace high OOP in a huge pot is a recipe for disaster.

    If you call PF and BB raises you can shove PF and realize all the power of AK. Or both call and you can flop a pair and as above. Or you can whiff flop and wait for a better spot. But you can't get a maniac to respect your CBs.

    Afterthought: A PF min raise might cause maniac to re-open and then you can shove. Whatever...keep the pot small if you're playing after the flop.

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