Turn decision with a nut flush draw

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Hey guys. Here's a hand that I have questions with regarding what I should have done on the turn. I feel a bit uneasy with what I did so I want to hear your input on this.

$.02/.04 Online. No reads on the player due to no HUD and a lack of experience reading people.

I am in the SB with Ad8d.
UTG limps.
Folds around to me who raises to $.16.
SB folds. BB folds. UTG calls.

Flop: KsJd5d. Pot: $.36.
I bet $.14. UTG calls.

Turn: Qh. Pot: $.64.
I bet $.23. UTG raises to $.46. I call.

River: Qd. Pot: $1.56.
I check. UTG bets $1.56. I shove with $2.85. UTG calls. I win with a flush. UTG mucks.

Was betting on the turn a smart move? What if the river was a brick card?


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 2,016 -
    What range do you give your opponent? What's your SB raise range over an UTG limper?
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    You would need to have an idea of Villain's range to determine whether your Turn bet is a good line or not. Does he limp/flat and just call flop with 55? Does he limp/flat pre with QJ or KJ? AT? QTs? KTs? T9s?

    Villain shouldn't have any KK, QQ, JJ here, given his preflop line. So we're only dead to QJ (6 combos available) and 55 (3 combos available). We're behind KJ, KT, and AT, but with outs. We hold the Ad so it's unlikely he's on a diamond draw. But he could have something like T9dd and have a SD-FD that made a straight on the turn.

    You can see that whether we should check/call or bet this Turn card really depends on what kind of Villain we're up against.

    Calling his min-raise is correct, in my opinion. We only need 20% equity to make this a +EV action and we have 18% just with our diamonds. If we're up against 2p, we have additional outs with 3 As and 3 Ts, which gives us 30% equity.

    If the river is a brick, we're most likely check/folding. With Villain raising the Turn, I doubt we have much, if any, fold equity to try and bluff him.
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    I actually would think about the river play. I also find myself checking out of position with 100% of my range on the river if the player in position raised the turn. You might lead the river, with an amount that gets called by his turn raising range. Some players always check behind their top pairs, two pairs and three of a kind on the river when "the flush" hits.

    On the turn, the decision to call his raise is good in my opinion: If he has Two Pair or strong top pair he doesnt fold to a 3 bet on the turn. If he has a weaker flush draw you have good implied odds and might even win with Ace high if he gives up on the river if it would brick.

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