Ed Miller's End Goal Question

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First - I want to start off by saying thanks to anyone who checked out The Grinder's Cookbook's first episode on YouTube this week. I have another one planned to come out on Sunday, so great stuff all around! If you haven't checked it out, head over to my IG @thegrinderscookbook for a link.

Anyways, here is my question. I have been focusing on flop texture this week becuase it's something I feel has been missing from my game. I just started up a video in the crash course and I'm listening to that canned message from Ed Miller that ends with 'be a long term winner at 5/10'. I thought to myself, "Why is 5/10 the stakes at which he ends that statement?' Is there something inherently different about stakes past that level? I apologize if this sounds really dumb, but I just wanted to know if I am missing something blatantly obvious?



  • TheGrindersCookbookTheGrindersCookbook Merrimack, NHRed Chipper Posts: 68 ✭✭
    @persuadeo Thanks, man! That is very helpful

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