Max Value?

NTD12NTD12 Red Chipper Posts: 41 ✭✭
1/2 live NL. Effective stacks about $200

UTG +1 opens to $12 he is the short stack. MP calls, button calls. I look down in the small blind with pocket 3s. I call to go set hunting. BB calls

Flop is 3s 7s 10h

I check my set. Original opener c bet for 12. MP folds. Button raises to 25. I call BB calls.

Turn 10s. Now I lead out for $75. BB folds UTG folds button calls.

River is a 9. I jam for $203 and button has me covered. He thinks for a while and folds. Shows A10d

My question is what could I have done to get more value? Maybe a check raise on the flop but I am very worried about a flush coming and I am flushing money at that point. This place is lots of chasers and I think only a $100 flop raise is going to get any chasers out. That’s also going to fold a lot of weaker hands I want to keep in.

The discussion the table was that if I checked the river then the button was going to way should I ever check a boat right?

Another though is just a $100 river bet? Might have been my only option.


The standard opening bet in this area is 10-15 dollars.

Oh and the BB told me he folded a Q high flush on the turn. I’m thinking why is he calling his draw just to fold it to a $75 bet when it hits?


  • NTD12NTD12 Red Chipper Posts: 41 ✭✭
    Now I think more I think there was one more caller preflop and on the flop. Then folding to my $75 bet.

    I really need to take notes.
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 2,016 -
    I'd experiment with donking the flop in these spots. People who have read a book will confidently put you on a hand like T9 and act accordingly.
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