Harrah's $75

MTTheroMTThero Red Chipper Posts: 24 ✭✭
(Villain 1 - HJ. Loose passive. The table talker. "Authority" player. Quick to tell everyone what they are doing wrong. All his "advice" is outdated. His Preflop/Flop ranges are skewed. He has wide preflop ranges and plays fit or fold on flop.)

(Villain 2 - Older LAG player. Solid from what I've seen, except that he likes big bets. His preflop opens are 5x or more and his post flop bets are pot or larger)

Hand: :Ks :Kc
Position: EP
Stack: 10k
Blinds: 200/400 + 50

Preflop (1,100) Hero raises to 1000, HJ calls, SB calls.

Flop: (3,900) :2s :4s :7c - SB checks, Hero bets 3,000, HJ calls, SB folds.

Turn (9,900) :5s - Hero?

My sizing and plan on the flop was to set up stacks for a turn shove. Is this still a shove, or am I better off with a check/call plan?

After checking my range, Ks Kx is still in my 70% range. But now my range became unbalanced due to the flush turning my available draws into value hands and over pairs are now the bottom of my value range.


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