Can't Stop Losing

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I don't know what the deal is. I do some studying. Working my way through the core program and play whenever I have time. It seems like I just can't turn things around though. I think it's a combination of things so I've decided I am going to try and use this resource (the forum) more. For some reason, I feel sort of guilty sometimes posting and asking for so much help. But I need help so here goes. I want to post a few winning hands, a few losing and a few just generic hands where I am unsure how I should have played it. I didn't know if I should post them all in one thread or many but I thought if I posted them all in one the thread would get confusing so I decided to split them up. Here is the first one.

1. Standard call on the big blind?
2. Check to the preflop raiser, correct?
3. I reraise the flop bet for value. 5 combos of sets, 4 combos of J9s, 12 of J9o If I get jammed on I could probably assume they have me beat. I don't think anyone is going to jam a gutshot with QJ or A9, right? Maybe they might have 10 7 but there are only 6 combos of that right?
4. Turn I may have missed value.
5. River, I bet for value and he jams. So I have $5.65 to call into $20, which means I need to have the best hand about 20% of the time right? So what would he call preflop, call/call on the flop, check,check turn, then check jam the river? Seems sort of weak, like he was chasing a draw and never hit?

Please let me know what you think!


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