Not Sure About This One

dukeroyaldukeroyal Red Chipper Posts: 16 ✭✭

I am not super confident about this one. This is a range I put together for the raiser and caller.


1. With that, I have 28% equity. Calling $.40 into $1.36 I have 3.4:1 on a call so I only need 23% equity, correct?

2. So what does he now continuation bet this flop with? If he started with :


Do you think it might look like :

3. I decided not to check raise because I have read only bet for value (or if there is fold equity?) and in this situation I wanted to keep his bluffs in his range. If I had of raised I believe I only get called by stronger kings or a ten.

4. I pick up a flush draw and figure I have to check call. Oui?

5. And then I bet on the river. And I am not sure what was the best move but I am going to try and talk it out. Now that I am looking at it more closely I don't know if it was the correct move? What worse hands do I get called? The only ones I can think of are maybe JJ or QQ if I am lucky. But if I had of checked I allow him to bluff with a busted draw. How much does he have to bet before I fold what I deem a fairly strong hand?

Please help!


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