Range Analysis, and narrowing ranges. 5NL

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What's up guys. I played an interesting hand earlier today and thought it might be a good one to review.
The hand was played online at a 6-max, $5NL table, however there are only 3 players at the table, and this was a short session, so I didn't have any relevants reads or hand histories on the opponents.
For feedback, I'm most curious what ranges / hands you'd put V on just based on the same info I have, which is his betting line and stack size and not much else. That and my though process throughout the hand.

Preflop: Blinds 2c/5c
I have stacks of $5.23 and villain has $1.92
I open UTG/BU 2x (10 cents), SB folds, BB calls. My cards: :Th:8h
I assign V range of:

Pretty wide (50%) which I think is appropriate since I min-opened.

Flop: ($0.22) :Td:9c:6h
BB leads out 3/4 pot (15c) and I call.
I believe I should be ahead here most of the time, with TPWK (+gutshot, BDFD). Although if he also has TP most his combos have me outkicked.

Turn: ($0.52) :3c
BB leads out 1/2 pot (25c), I call.
Here V is giving me better pot odds than before, on a brick. In retrospect I think this line looks weak on his part, even though the bet is bigger, since it is a smaller portion of the pot. What do you guys think about a R here for 75c to $1? My thinking being that if he has TPGK or any kind of drawing hand I might be able to get him to fold. But due to his stack size, he would probably shove or fold. If he shoves, would you then fold or be pot committed?

River: ($1.02) :Kc
BB leads out 3/4 pot (72c), I think about calling due to good pot odds (same as flop just about) although my hand has obviously been downgraded. I opt to fold.

What do you guys think about this hand and my line? How would you guys have narrowed his range from street to street based on the betting? Any thoughts on his holding? Maybe a pair with a weak flush? Did I have enough SDV not to fold?


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