First shot take at 3/5

CoilerinoCoilerino Red Chipper Posts: 27 ✭✭
3/5 300BI Live

I usually play 2/3 200BI but someone tipped me off to take a shot at this stake. I just wanna start off by saying I really feel like my play has gotten more solid to the point where I wasn't too overwhelmed by the higher stake. Anyway on to the hand.

Playing well up going up and down for the last couple of hours. Hero stack 365~
HJ opens to $20 CO calls.

HJ is the big stack with about 1.2k behind. V1 has been limping often (maybe like 50% of hands) but also limp 3betting vs a raise and 2-3 calls sometimes. Calling down pretty side with the large stack and overbet jamming on opponents heads up on wet flops but no showdowns in those spots.

V2 on the CO pretty loose aggressive playing heavy draws and limping often as well playing around 30% of hands.

Folds to Hero in the BB with :Ad :Ks raising it to $100.
V1 calls and V2 jams for $155 total.
Hero and V1 calls the 4bet.

Flop comes :Ah :8D: :2d
Hero jams $210~ with top pair and V1 snap calls.

I figure I'm doing pretty well against any diamond draw with :Ad and with top pair ready to take down a big one.

Turn :Td
River :2h
V1 immediately flips over KdQd and V2 with TsTc

Moving up stakes was exciting and I think I'm ready to give it another shot next time I go back. I felt a lot more in the zone like I do when I play online and I feel like I'm betting practically the same as I would at 2/3 anyway preflop due to all the limpers. Any advice before I decide to change stakes for good?


  • RedRed Red Chipper Posts: 1,974 ✭✭✭✭
    I think it's just a cooler, nothing much to say. With such a great hand, low SPR AND hitting the flop, there is not much to do except putting the chips in the middle.

    100$ preflop is but a preflop mistake. First, I don't think we have more FE by raising to 100$ instead of 80$ or 70$.
    Second, and more important, is shown by your lack of observation. V2 only has 155$ and may jam - we are fine if he does and we are never folding. But then by raising to 100$, a jam from V2 doesn't reopen the action and you can only call. On the other hand, raising to 80$ (+60$ to the last bet) means that a jam from V2 to 155$ (+75$ to the last bet) reopens the action. Meaning: after V1 calling and V2 jaming, you can then shove over the top !
    This allows you to usually iso V2 (denying V1 equity - increasing your own) and allows to avoid having to play a flop in a less than 1 SPR pot - esp. the 66% of the time AK misses.
  • CoilerinoCoilerino Red Chipper Posts: 27 ✭✭
    Thanks Red! I agree it was definitely a cooler post flop. Nothing I could do obviously except for get it in.

    As for preflop, thanks for calling me out on lack of awareness for stack sizes. I find it kind of difficult when people have their stacks in a single 35-45 chip stack to know how much they're playing behind. I honestly thought V2 has more like $200-250 to start. Any advice on that would be nice!

    As for V1, I feel like once he called the $100 or even if he called $75 I don't think I had any FE from the way he was playing so far. He seemed more willing to gamble being at least 4x up from the table max buy in especially when I saw him go limp EP then 5x the raise for a 3bet pre.
  • Phil EbbsPhil Ebbs Red Chipper Posts: 251 ✭✭✭
    Your preflop sizing to $100 is actually pretty great sizing if stacks were deeper. If everyone was at least $200 effective, this is actually the correct sizing, and raising to $70-80 as Red suggests gives too good a price for a call.

    Red is correct, however, that being able to re-jam if V2 jams is very valuable. However, given that he cold-called, I wouldn't expect him to cold call then jam. That's weird play by him. So I guess you could have raised to $85 ($65 raise) so you can still jam if he jams for another $70. But in general, you should be sizing up to $100ish.

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