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Hey guys, would appreciate some insight on this hand: sitting down at new 1/3 home game, played once before for ~5 hrs the week prior. Hero on the button, $500 stack, straddles for $10. BB, not at first session, seems to know the pro at the table well, $300 stack, completes, folds around to HJ, played in last session, seems like a regular, but not a pro, only 3 bets observed were with solid hands, tendency to call preflop raises with suited connectors, small pairs and weak broadways, $1000 stack, raises to $40. I put his range on TT+, AQ+, slightly discounting AA and QQ because of my blockers

Hero (straddle) AdQd, calls, BB folds

Flop: 9d4d3h

V bets $45, Hero raises to $110. My reasoning: The 1/2 pot c-bet seemed standard for his entire range, I estimate that I have 36% equity from flush draw, 9% from pairing ace and 4.5% from pairing queen (rough math on 50/50 of queen beating his range), and negligible backdoor wheel draw. If I just call the $45, and hit turn, it would be hard to get any additional from V, while with a raise of this size and a call, we can get stacks in reasonably by river if I hit.

V re-raises all-in, I do my math, and with my pot odds and equity (I remove AQ+ from range and now think it to be TT+), I call my remaining stack

My questions:

- Any leaks in overall thinking/line?
- Should I have asked to have it ran twice to limit variance? (home game)

I appreciate any and all feedback!


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    I think your leak here is not re raising pre flop. Especially with a raise from the HJ and the fact that he could be trying to steal your straddle. we are generally way ahead of his range here and we can squeeze out the BB In order to go heads up to the flop. When you flat you give the BB a very good price to call.

    As played on the flop, I think sometimes calling and sometimes raising is fine. We have so much equity in this hand. You can’t really go wrong in your decision. Heads up probably tend to lean towards raising and more so towards flatting multi-way.

    He only has 215$ left after his flop bet. So on the flop you should go for a jam when he bets into you due to stack sizes. If we raise to 110$ He only has 150$ left behind. Literally 0 fold equity if we brick turn and river.

    On the run it twice thing, it only depends on how much the money means to you. Personally at low stakes just run it once.
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    Straddled with AQdd on the button and no 3 bet? esp vs late position raise. HJ isnt really 3 betting here considering this is a straddle and not a typical raise. I would keep his range a lot wider than you have and mandatory 3 bet imo.

    Flop - I do think you can call a lot. V betting here is an overpair or bluff so I am inclined to call sometimes in position and c/r oop. You are repping a flush draw or set really. AP - V probably has an OP like always. maybe 99. You probably have the equity call that all day based on pot odds I guess. I doubt you have less than 40% equity with your flush+A. There is ~250 in the pot and you are calling 350 or so? need to get specific on combos/equity/odds here but my gut is you are fine to call.

  • dsedrakdsedrak Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
    @LoveFish thank you! I apologize if I gave the facts a little out of order, but V's stack was $1K, making my $500 the effective stack. I'm not sure if that changes much in terms if, if you think the jam was still the right move against his $45 c-bet. Also, appreciate the advice on running it twice. I think it's more my mindset, as I come to these games with 2 buy-ins typically. So to lose my first buy-in on the second orbit to a coin flip would definitely (although I know it shouldn't if I'm playing +EV) affect me
  • dsedrakdsedrak Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
    @cxy123 thank you! yes, spot on on the pot odds: $350 to win $1010 at that point. Good call out on my repped range, at the table, I was truly playing my cards and my opponents range. I know I need to work on my perceived range based on my line more than I currently do!

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