Profiling a Villain

Brews_and_CardsBrews_and_Cards Red Chipper Posts: 101 ✭✭
66 Hands
33 PFR
51 RFI
9 3B
0 F3B (0/6)
86 CBet Flop (6/7)
29 Call CBet (2/7)
57 Fold to CBet (4/7)
100 CBet Turn (2/2)

This may simply be more a reflection on my observations, but at the time, it felt like this particular Villain was opening very wide, and firing barrels every street. I believe it's safe to say that he often must have air when he's cbetting 86% after opening so wide. So my plan was to catch a decent hand against him and call him down three streets. (The hand I did it with, he made a flush, of course)

How would you label this player? And what adjustments would you make? Do we tighten our 3B range against his opens since he never folds? Should we add some premiums to the top of our flatting range?


  • EazzyEazzy Red Chipper Posts: 946 ✭✭✭✭
    Against these player don't play spectutive hands prefer hands that hit top pair ok kicker or 2nd pair bad kicker to hands that flop equity. calling him with KTo and folding 67s. And yes your plan is to hit top pair or 2nd pair and let him barrel off.

    3 bet wider but with a merged range....perfer hands like 88 to say AJ or even AQ. And don't 3 bet bluffs like A3s. Somewhat depends on how he plays in 3 bet pots stack dept and if the rest of the table allows you to play him heads up. Even mainiacs stop barrelling air or can fold top pair in 4 way if your deep may want to make small 3 bets with hand like 44 to isolate him. (and of course plan on hitting a 4).

    On the other hand if he always barrels threat cards..and you not that deep say 100 bb or less consider just calling hands like AK and AQ rather then letting him know you have a big hand and that may need big cards...AGain if he's very agro you may just 3 bet AK AQ and when you miss oop consider check shoving (great if your multi tabling as it allows you to watch other tables)...or checking back the flop and calling the turn and river...

    And somewhat player dependent, keep your cool remember the L in Lag means loose, so don't go crazy with bluffs....sure some can fold to a turn check raise when you have a draw...but most of your money comes from hitting a pair and holding on....or value betting thin.

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