MTT 33 in the BB (11.5bb)

Jeffrey OJeffrey O Red Chipper Posts: 36 ✭✭
9 handed
500/1k/1k (single ante)
Hero 10.5 bb after posting BB & Ante

Mp2 & BU limp, SB completes
Hero in BB 33 - I shoved

Does anyone just check here and play passively, and why?

For me there’s 5bb in the pot and I’d rather make a steal attempt on much needed 5bb and if I get called then I’m hopping to be isolated and flip against a draw.

I’m ok if this is the wrong line, I can adjust.

I was trying to find a push/check chart specifically for <20 bb in the BB. SnapShove and FTT don’t include the BB as a chart option.


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