did i miss value 3 handed ??

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This is a 3 handed game.
Villian is a trappy player
other player is a solid reg (Probably the best at this stake on this site).
Stakes 5/10 (Indian rupees)
Btn (V) 765
Sb 1587
Bb (Hero) 721

Hero Has :KC::JH:
V raises 20
sb folds
Hero 3bets to 64
V calls
Flop :8H::4D::KH:
Pot 133
Hero Checks
V bets 133
Hero calls

Turn :TS:
Pot 399
Hero checks
V Checks

River :6C:
Hero Bets 88
V Tanks and Folds

Hero wins 487.

Did i play this properly? Could i have used any other way to get more value?
Plz feel free to criticize.


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