small OP on 4high flop

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Hi everyone,

here's a hand that I feel happens quite regularly to me and I'm quite unsure on the best way to play in these situations. It happens to me on a 6max NL 10 table at Pokerstars:

Table Information
Seat: 1 Player 1 ($11.08) Small Blind
Seat: 2 Hero ($10) Big Blind
Seat: 4 Player 4 ($16.14)
Seat: 5 Player 5 ($10)
Seat: 6 Player 6 ($38.71) Dealer
Dealt to Hero

Preflop (Pot:0.15)
Player 4 RAISE $0.3
Player 5 FOLD
Player 6 FOLD
Player 1 FOLD
Hero CALL $0.2

Flop(Pot: $0.65)

Player 4 BET $0.43
Hero CALL $0.43

Turn(Pot: $1.51)

Player 4 BET $1.01
Hero CALL $1.01

River(Pot: $3.53)

Player 4 BET $2.6
Player 4 RETURN $2.6
Player 4 MUCKS

Player 4 wins the pot: $6.13

Villain is a 27/23 reg with some solid postflop stats (after ~300 hands).

Some of my thoughts and questions:
-Is there a case that could be made to 3bet preflop? I feel like the call is fine just to try and hit my set, but I would be interested to know if anybody disagrees.
-Postflop it boils down to the same question. Is there a spot where I could get the initiative in the hand? I have an OP+gutshot, so the flop is not too bad for me, but I doubt that I can reasonably go in a value-betting mode. At the same time, I feel like playing OOP without initiative is something I should avoid actively.
-On the River, I think villains range is mainly composed of completed flush draws, OPs and sets. I don't know if this type of villain would bluff often enough with some A high hands to justify calling. (I'm pretty sure the average population doesn't.)

Looking forward to hear some feedback.



  • Jordan PowerJordan Power Red Chipper Posts: 510 ✭✭✭
    I would not 3 bet 66 against an UTG open and I think you def have enough stacks behind both players to potentially make enough money to justifying your setmine opportunity. However, against a button open, I might consider 3-betting this if I thought BTN was opening very wide trying to steal.

    Post flop I think I would consider a lead here. While V is going to be able to rep bigger overpairs, your overpair is very vulnerable if indeed it is the best hand currently. I don't want to seem like I am advocating for a bet to see where we are at, but I think if we can force a fold from our opponent here, I think we are comfortable grabbing this pot now. And when called, we still have some equity with our pair and the draw. Also interested to hear what people say.
  • AkashicAkashic Red Chipper Posts: 67 ✭✭
    edited March 22
    If you are constantly finding folds here, you may have a leak in your game. You are folding way too often against a player who is simply hitting the "Bet 2/3" button on their screen. I would have called down on that hand and force them to show up with a hand. Will it be an over sometimes? Sure. Here, it probably is air. Backdoor flush? Not very likely.

    If you wanted to raise (for fear of playing the river), I'd delay it for a turn raise, but you could also raise on the flop.

    On the plus side, I would start calling this guy way more often and trying to put him in spots where he is able to keep firing his stack away. Yummy

    Stop looking for monsters under the bed

    *edit* wanted to clarify this before I head off for school: You need to understand how you plan to win hands before you play them. This "no-set no-bet" mentality will drain you of your precious funds

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