Foxwoods Screw Up

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Hello friends,
I’m brave enough to post this hand from Foxwoods last week. I FULLY AWARE, I played the FLOP, TURN AND RIVER absolutely poorly. I won’t defend my reasoning why. It's clear as DAY that I'm supposed to take the initiative after flopping a straight.

Being OOP, I’ve been trying to realize my equity rather denying equity. I think this is one of the spots I should be denying equity to my villains.

Anyways here we go:
This event started with 100K starting stacks and from the start, I’ve seen some wild play; Poor bet sizing overplayed hands, shocking calls, and weak or fearful play. After reading this Hand History their play must have rubbed off on me.

You may ask my thoughts why I checked Flop and Turn later and having some time to think about this hand I can’t give a good excuse. At the moment I don’t think I went through every part of my decision tree as I did off the table.

However, I am posting this Hand History to discuss mostly my River decision.

Blinds 1000-500-1000 (BBA)
High Flyer Event (100K SS)

Hero 185K
V1 165K (No History)
V2 130K (Loose Passive)

V1 limps UTG+1 for 1000
Folds to V2 OTB and raises to 3000
Folds to Hero in BB who calls with :Qh:8h

FLOP :Jc:Tc:9D:

Checks through to V2 who CB for 8000

Hero calls
V1 calls

TURN :2d

Hero checks and V1 checks and V2 bets 20K

Hero calls
V1 Calls

River :Ks

Hero checks
V1 Jams all in for 134K
V2 folds
Hero Calls

V1 shows :Ah:Qd for Broadway to scoop the pot and crippling hero in the process.

When I was deliberating my River decision, I replayed the hand and this is what I came up with.

V1 who I had no history as he arrives at my table only a few hands earlier limps from EP. So his range is fairly wide. (16%-20% Range). V2
Calls behind on the Flop. My thoughts he could have lots of draws FD & SD that bricked, two pairs combos that could be a bluff catcher, his limping range also includes combos of KQ for the nuts and wait to pounce on the Turn or River. Turn he checks again, I think we rule out KQ and sets but still has draws or two pair combos.

So when the River produces a King and V2 chooses to jam all in, I came up with the following possibilities from the V1 actions.

(1) I lose exactly to AQ and I really thought if he had AQ from EP he would raise PF. I really thought hard AQ would raise as I would never limp AQ.
(2) I’m chopping with any Queen, which I thought was the most likely scenario
(3) Jamming on a busted FD or SD made sense at the time but later I figured he is unlikely jamming into two players. So this was the least likely scenario. Then playing all day, I witness some wild play and showing a busted FD or SD would not surprise me.

So I’m losing to option (1)
chopping option (2)
and winning vs option (3)

So I painfully put the chip in and made the River call.

Curious of your thoughts of the River play and you can rip me for the entire Hand History. I’m here to learn from this spot and no to every reproduce it.

Was my River call entirely bad?


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    It's practically impossible to extricate your river play from the play of the two previous streets. I will say this though, on a four to a straight board, it's difficult for me to believe he's just jamming a busted draw for that much into two other players, as a hand like QT is very reasonable for either one of you in this spot. So I think you're calling for a chop at best, and given that almost no one in 2019 limps with AQ, as played, I probably call too, although I'm open to hearing a reason (specific to tournament play) as to why we should fold.

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