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This is on nitrogen so no HUD. this is NL10mbtc which is about $40

I am in the middle of a down swing and I feel like i am losing every hand. I try to stay level headed, take walks etc. but they always have it!! I am just trying to see if I am losing my mind or what. Feel free to blast away at every street, I am not happy with myself ;-)

We are 6 handed with 2 empty seats and 1 person sitting out. 9 max table.

Hero 99BB HJ - sat down about 6-7 hands ago and just folded so far. 1st hand this session but have played with this V before. 100bb

V 230 BB - I have him labelled as a solid player and overbet is always the nuts.

Hero opens :Ah :Ad 3bb
BB/V calls

Flop HU 6.5bb
:5c :6c :9d

BB/V donks 3.2bb
Hero calls

Turn HH 12.9 BB

BB/V bets 9BB
Hero calls

River 30.9 BB
BB/V checks
Hero ?

How bad is flop?
How bad is the turn?
Now what on the river?


  • LagtardLagtard Red Chipper Posts: 93 ✭✭
    edited April 3
    Flop is very draw heavy. Raise is probably a better line than flatting on the flop. 87s flopped it but that’s only one hand you need to consider but there’s lots you are ahead of. Turn looks scary but it is probably a brick here. No reason to fold the turn. River completes the flush, makes the straight for any 4x (44, A4s, 54s really reaching but possible). Any set on this board would of probably check raised the flop expecting you to Cbet, I’d think.

    Villain could have a lot of hands you beat as well. A9, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, 98s, 88, 77, I think these can all be in his donk bet the flop range. Some for value and some for protection.

    River I don’t know. If you were behind since the flop you can now turn your hand in to a bluff but you may be ahead.

    You said his overbets are always the nuts and he didn’t overbet here.

    Does he check raise the nuts on the river? If nothing suggests he does it may be a spot to try to take down the pot. You could check and take your showdown value or overbet the pot yourself. If you are up against a straight or set or worse, him overbetting the nuts may be read as you chasing down and catching the nuts.
  • RedRed Red Chipper Posts: 2,027 ✭✭✭✭
    Lagtard wrote: »
    Flop is very draw heavy. Raise is probably a better line than flatting on the flop. 87s flopped it but that’s only one hand you need to consider but there’s lots you are ahead of.

    I can see a raise, but not with AA no :CLUB: .

    :AH: :AD: is a fine bluff catcher. V has plenty of draws he could fire with (and we don't block :CLUB: FD as we don't hold :AC: , letting him having all nut FD he can).
    Raising with AhAd may let us face only hands ahead of us or with great equity. And if we raise flop and don't follow up on turn, we may face regularly a OOP stab on river - which would be really hard to call if any draw completes.
    For that I prefer to call here and let V having a range as wide as possible with as many marginal hands and draws he can.

    On the other hands, I can see a bluff raise with vulnerable hands (like JJ) or hands with good equity (like AcKc or 8s7s). Note that we could also raise some trashy hands with blockers as bluff (like AcTx).
  • cxy123cxy123 Red Chipper Posts: 49 ✭✭

    Overbets are nuts is just a note I have on him. Obv he didn't overbet but I dont think this is a spot/line he overbets even with the nuts so I am not really considering that at all here. It's a data point but heavily discounted wrt this hand imo. C/R nuts? Sure V could do that.

    V would 3b preflop with KK/QQ nearly always and probably JJ a fair amount. Agreed there are value hands still but I would just eliminate those.

    There are some 4s that V could have but why give up on the River if he has 43? Or A4? If he bet flop/turn with A4 it has to be Ac4c or at least just with Ac. Overall not many 4s V can have.

    I am just having trouble understanding what the V is doing here - or better yet am I getting value with a bet.
  • Joseph FJoseph F Red Chipper Posts: 837 ✭✭✭
    This hand isn't played that bad, man. You either just check river with your showdown value or bet for thin river value. His giving up on the river caps his range terribly and looks like a missed draw.

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