How to react to min-click 4bets

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On my continuing mission to experiment with 3betting and squeezing, I found myself in a bit of a weird, potentially spewy spot the other day.

Blinds were $1/$3 and everyone involved in the hand had between $300-$400 in front of them.

There was an early position limp, a mid position $20 raise and late position call. I was in the BB with :Ts :9s . My default line in the past would probably be to call here, despite the larger than standard raise and the poor positioning, but as I said, I've been trying to step out of my comfort zone lately and did something I don't remember ever doing in a spot like this, I squeezed it to $75 with Ten high.

After the limper folded, the original raiser did the exact opposite of what I wanted him to do, he 4bet me. However, he made it exactly $150.

I'm not a maths genius, but I was aware at the time that even against AA, T9s was in the ballpark of a 3 to 1 dog, which was the exact price I was being given here.

So is this a call? I'd only have about a half size pot bet left in my on the flop, which would mean I'd be forced to run with pretty much any board that increases my equity vs his range, which given he was a no-nonsense reg, I had as KK+ and AKs, maybe AKo and QQ.

P.S. I've since learned T9s is actually 22% vs AA, but 30% if I give him that full range.


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    You're getting there, but need to focus in on your last point: spr, position, and its implied effect on your ability to win the pot, which may outweigh all in equity numbers.

    This goes for all wagers and all formations.
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    I think I understand what you're getting at here. But we still can't use our hot/cold equity to give us the price of seeing the flop only.

    Would another question be "should we shove here?"... based on V's sizing?
  • SullySully Red Chipper Posts: 772 ✭✭✭
    Yes, people seem to forget is that the equity you have vs villain's range or hand is if you see all 5 cards. How often will that happen without putting more money in the pot??????

    As @persuadeo says it's about SPR
    drawing hands play poorly in low SPR pots, especially OOP. You are often forced to put your stack in when behind as noted by OP

    So many posts in the forum are exactly about these type of spots, it's mystifying

    Just don't do it
    Some say ok because of skill edge... well, nobody's that good

    as played: you tried something, to make a play.... it didn't work... that's ok... but let's not make it worse by basically committing our stack facing a range that is most likely crushing us


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