Reset, learn, focus and work it up.

Onix1708Onix1708 Pune, IndiaRed Chipper Posts: 99 ✭✭
So after my post on losing my BR, and taking suggestions from generous members on the forum, I took a break from playing , finished Core, studied ranges, tried finding leaks and in a way how I can work on them, etc
I guess it's time to reset.
So now I start again with BR $90 on 888 FR2nl.
My goals will be,
1. Learning to focus on 2 tables, fixing leaks and making minimal mistakes.
2. Trying to put in 1k hands a day, but taking a break early or ending session if any event happens to trigger tilt.
3. Being on right side of line in EV.
4. Studying all hands I play or enter. Trying to analyse different lines possible. Do analysis and then post some on forum where the lines are very close or study doesn't have clear conclusion.
5. Hopefully move up to NL5 ( wen BR is $125)

Wish me luck please. I will post my session results everyday in terms of hands played, Net profit and Ev profit. Posting it here will keep me accountable and maybe a motivation.


  • Onix1708Onix1708 Pune, IndiaRed Chipper Posts: 99 ✭✭
    Bdw I had put in my first session already when I wrote above post, so now I can put in day 1 results immediately.
    Day 1 ( April 7)
    Ending BR: $94.12
    Net profit: $4.12( 206 bb)
    EV Profit: 423bb
    Hands : 685
    Will put in study sessions . Could not complete 1k hands as I took it slow to start with. Also felt tired at the end.
    Still working on cognitive issues( especially when I lose flips). Unfortunately had an KK vs AA with me having KK. Needed a break after that one. Lost all flips which was weird pre. But I guess I had better luck in post flop hands.
    Rest everything was pretty standard. Tried to use double barrel and triple barrel concepts from core and also tried to use c bet concepts on flop.
    I felt different. Felt more in control and more confident. Maybe just coz I was in luck today.
    Study sessions later will obviously tell if I took right line. Seeing people here work so hard is such a motivation to put more hours into study

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