How to maximize value in 'standard' spots?

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Hi Guys,

I am new here - based in the Netherlands. I have listened to all 168 podcast episodes in less than 4 months, because I travel a lot for work. It's funny to be familiar with a lot of you guys, simply by listening to so many episodes. Before I ask my first question in this thread I have to give some credit where credit is due.

First, Zac, you made me addicted to the podcast. The questions you asked in the interviews were always excellent.
Then splitsuit. Sorry, I found Zac to be better at hosting podcasts. Especially when you were rambling on about workbooks and study methods I would fast forward. However, the way you shake poker hand analyses out of your sleeve is freaking impressive though. I have learned a decent amount by just listening to your hand breakdowns.
Then Peter “Carroters” Clarke and his episode on 6 max. That made my win rate go from slightly positive to a decent win rate. Thanks alot!
Then Persuadeo, I have probably learned the most from you just by reading your blogs, comments and articles. I am making a little bit of money in poker thanks to your insights. Cheers to that.
And finally Doug hall. You are awesome. If I am ever lucky enough to visit Vegas, and spot you at one of the tables, I will buy you a beer.

So I have a straightforward question. Basically I am looking for some tips to improve the amount of value I realize in 'standard' spots. I often find myself checking on the river, where my opponent checks back, and he tables a losing hand that would've paid off a value bet. Now I am not sure 'where to look' in terms of areas to improve this, like betsizing, the line I take during the hand or specific HUD stats that may help in deciding to pull the trigger. So any thoughts are much appreciated. Some example hands below.


0.25/0.50 ZOOM:
(1) AQ off in the SB, 3-betting the button open. Board comes A438K rainbow. 60% bet on the flop, and 80% bet on the turn. River goes check check, villain shows AJ.
(2) KQ off in the SB, open against the BB. Board comes K10429 rainbow. 60% bet on the flop, and 80% bet on the turn. River goes check check, villain shows KJ.

Maybe these hands are not illustrating perfectly what I mean because as I write them down I realize that betting, and then folding when they push, might be enough to plug this leak for these hands specifically. But somehow I feel like I need to work on this in general, because at these stakes these thin value spots can really improve my win rate thanks to the large amount of calling stations.


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