SB squeeze

CASEY MCASEY M Red Chipper Posts: 136 ✭✭
effective stacks 500
MP1 raises to $10
3 callers
Hero has :Kc :Qs in the SB
Villain in MP1 seems to be a standard nitty tag. folded KK from UTG to a 5bet 150bb deep. Check raised all in with bottom set against a fd on flop and doubled up.
From the SB I think a squeeze with KQo is better than a flat. Thoughts?
Hero 3bets to $45
BB cold calls No info on this villain, first hand at table.
MP1 calls. Callers fold. 3 players
Pot $160
Flop: :As :Ks :Qc
My initial thoughts on this board are not great. Bottom 2 pair wont improve often and all draws, pair+ draws will be coming along. Honestly Im not super excited. I decide that cbetting isnt the best option and want to try to check raise. A cbet will get called by everything but underpairs.
A check raise can rep FDs, sets, and all 2 pairs along with the flopped straight but I dont think Im 3betting TJ pre here.
BB leads for $80
MP1 flats.
$280 in the pot. I have $455 behind.
Im discounting better 2 pairs due to blockers as well as sets and without a 4bet pre I really dont think AA for top set is there.
I opt to jam in order to charge draws and possibly get called by Ax that think I have a draw.


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