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This is a home game where we track standings for half the year and play a final tournament based on those standings. During the final tournament, 7 handed, most people are not sober at this point and they have very different skill levels.

V1 = UTG +1, 11,600 chips (effective stack) - big cards focused, nearly 100% small raise or limp waiting for action to reraise preflop.
H = Button, 15,200 chips - TAG image, expected to bluff and steal if missing the flop.
V2 = BB, 12,100 chips - Tighter than most, evolved from a very Nitty style into LAG, had some negative variance and then went back towards Nitty for this tournament. Very big into stealing from the blinds and running 3 barrel bluffs

Blinds 400/800
UTG+1 raises to 1600
HJ calls
Button ( :Ks :Ts )calls
SB folds
BB calls. 6800 in the pot.

Board is :Th :7s :4s

BB (V2) checks,
UTG+1 (V1) make it 2400,
HJ folds,
Button (H) calls
BB shoves for 8,100 total, UTG+1 calls (effective stack at 7600) Button debates.


Range wise, V1 could have anything from TT+AQs+KQs+, he played the hand exactly the same as he would with his entire range and would make this exact play with JJ as he would 3 tens. V2, the big blind, remove any steal worthy hands AK+JJ+ as he would 100% attempt a raise and steal from the blinds, so his range is closer to 22-TT, A2s+KJs+. I put the UTG on an over pair or big spades, BB was either 2P/Set, FD/SD

As it played, i debated for quite sometime and when having to call , realized I didn't quite know how to calculate my equity correctly. First, heads up, I have an indomitable hand, I cant be dead heads up, but I can easily be dead to a set and the Ax flush draw, against a flush draw, I need to avoid over cards and have my pair hold, if it is a set, I need the flushdraw to come in.

I ended up putting in the money, V1 (UTG1) had :As :Ah , V2 had :7d :7c , I hit the flush on the turn and the board didn't pair on the river. So I won, but should I feel good about my call? using an equity tool, I saw I was about 25% and even with the AA, but the set of 7s were about 50% to win it.

Follow up

heads up - in this position, I think I made the right call - MW, I don't think I did just based on the numbers alone, however, having 25% equity when the cards went up and having to pay 5700 to win 29700 makes it the correct call, in a vacuum. Thoughts?


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    You have 15 BB. You should be playing push fold. At this stack depth, there is no post-flop.
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    Doug Hull wrote: »
    You have 15 BB. You should be playing push fold. At this stack depth, there is no post-flop.

    Yeah this, plus whenever you find yourself calling 3 times in a short-stacked situation in a tournament something has usually gone wrong. In detail, the pay-out structure also matters here, but unless you figure a squeeze has plenty of FE it's just a fold preflop.
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