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I get the value of coaching, right, if I pay 100$ for books that take me 20 hours to read or I pay 100$ for 1 hour of coaching, what is better use of my time. My fear is that I will get a coach and not have a clue on how I can be helped. I am American, I play by the rules, I have no hand tracker that works, I have no database that I use, I play on Global and have written down hands that I think are the best ones to look at and investigate into further.

If I am learning and breaking even after 2000 hands of focused and concentrated PLO at microstakes, can a coach really benefit me? I WAS a member of core and a PRO member, I had these same fears then.

Forgive me if this is an option and I overlooked it already, however, is it possible for a coaching session to occur and be recorded, just not have the value part of it? Or minimum value, like the videos that Doug Hull did where he monitored his father in law playing online. Could you create a scenario where his father in law requests a 30 minute coaching session with a different coach and us see how that happens? Or would one of the awesome coaches that RCP has maybe give a basic layout on how a new student can prepare to be coached?

Side note - I am VERY interested in PLO coaching, I do play microstakes on global and have an option to play a 1/2/5$ game at the local casinos.


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    Hard to get exaxtly what you are asking for. A sort of sample of someone's coaching, i take it?
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    persuadeo wrote: »
    Hard to get exaxtly what you are asking for. A sort of sample of someone's coaching, i take it?

    Yes, a sample of coaching would be great. But not to get free value, I am more interested in how to set myself up for the most success when being coached.

    If I hired you for instance to be my coach, what should I expect to bring to the table in order for you to create the coaching session for me? Are you going to ask for hand histories, are you going to want data for me to supply, do you want detailed questions in email a week prior to meeting so you have time to research?
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    I think most coaches answer this in advance, so that your fears are mostly unfounded.

    I personally have a skype conversation with prospective students first and provide a summary of how i work, all before a dollar or coaching time is exchanged.
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    Thank you, I definitely recognize the chances of me over thinking it.
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    @AnthonyBaum____ coaches should have an inquiry with you before signing up to make sure they match your needs and see how they could help you moving forward. At the end of the day, based on how you converse, they should understand where you are in the learning path of poker and should help you accelerate your understanding of the game.

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