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Little Background: I am not & in no way consider myself a tournament player. I only play the 'big series' tournaments when they come around, firing one bullet & calling it a day so all criticism is appreciated.

Game = $300 Buy-in Tournament (Deepstack Series that runs maybe 2 or 3 times a year)

Level 9 - 600 / 1,200 /1,200 (BB ante structure)

Table currently running 8-handed

Folds to hero in MP

Hero Stack = ~70k

Hero = :Ad:Kh

Hero Image = Should be pretty solid. Haven't really gotten out of line & have made some nice plays. One of the few players that has been 3-betting & betting 'correctly' throughout. Showed one bluff when I shoved over a river bet with 7 high & got a fold.

Both Villains have been at the table with me for 7-8 levels now.

Hero = Raise 2,600

Folds to SB

SB = Calls 2,600 (Covers Hero)

SB was a pretty solid player building his stack by being a little splashy and aggressive in the right spots. He defended his blinds frequently & was 3-betting PF from all over the table with a mix of holdings. He only checked down after being the PFR once with A,J on a missed board. Almost all his other hands, he was betting at least 2 streets.

BB = Calls 2,600 (Solid Player, but playing only around 18 BBs)

Pot = 9,000


Checks to Hero

Hero = Bets 2,700

I had been balancing my C-Bets throughout the tourney. My C-Bets against the blinds on a dry board is going to be about 1/3 pot. I checked back an A,10,3 flop earlier after raising PF with A,Q and got a different player to bluff both turn & river to win a nice pot. I also C-Bet a couple of times to win hands after raising PF. I thought this was a good spot to C-Bet because both players should see me as pretty solid & not want to get too out of line + part of me thought there was a good chance that the SB would Check Raise thinking I missed & I was ready to re-raise him.

SB = Calls
BB = Folds

The call surprised me from this aggro of a player. I ranged the SB at draws, small pairs or an 8, maybe some air & small chance at a Jack. He had defended his BB against a smaller stack about 20 minutes before & check-raised the flop of Q,6,Q with Q,7 and ended up getting the small stack to shove with A,10. I discounted him having a Jack slightly because he had been playing big hands rather fast though he may have made the decision to slowplay against me.

Turn = 14,400


SB = Leads 7,700

This was a standard bet for him though going through it now I see it was exactly half pot. I knew it was around half pot at the time but didn't realize that. Hmmmm.

Since I play mostly cash, usually this line of Check-Call Flop, Lead Turn, means some type of marginal made hand or draw. This bet really threw me off though because I felt he was a player that should know that Ace hits my range pretty hard. I narrowed him down to draws, some aces tha floated flop or a jack & felt my hand was too strong to fold at this point.

Hero = Calls 7,700

River = 29,800


Villain = Bets 15,000

What I ranged him on:

Backdoor clubs got there & since I don't block any flush draws, I could see him getting there with maybe a club draw with the 8 of clubs (K,8 / Q,8 would be in his SB defend range)

Q,10 gets there & I don't block that. I would expect a fold on the flop unless his plan was to take the pot away later or he had Q,10 suited with backdoor possibility.

9,10 was a possible holding & I would expect him to turn that into a bluff since he shouldn't feel good about his showdown value with it. I could see him leading on the turn as a bluff to try and get me off 9's, 10's, Q's, K's which should all be in my range.

Pair of Aces = Not sure if he would lead the river with this.

Pocket 9's / Pocket 10's = I'd expect a 3-bet preflop from this player

Bluffs = Other than 9,10 or small pocket pair or a hand with some blockers or complete air, I couldn't find many.

I'm thinking I only need to be good about 1/3 of the time here.

Hero = ???


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 3,399 -
    I hate putting Vs on specific hands, but if you're ranging him well this looks a lot like QT that decided to semi-bluff turn with the double gutter. You seem to have ruled out a J; not sure why.
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  • Bigb4919Bigb4919 Red Chipper Posts: 16 ✭✭
    I dont have the experience others on this forum have with poker but to me it seems the question is whether or not you give him credit for knowing your range. If he hits a J or a 9 10 straight draw on the flop and knows you will continue with your whole range, why bet? Betting for him folds out all you AK and AQ combos and leaves him with just facing big pocket pairs. When the A comes out on the turn, if he has an already made hand it's one of the best cards in the deck for him. Now you just hit all your AQ and AK and he might be able to get more money out of you. Just my 2 cents. Please correct me if my poker analysis is no good
  • Steve MSteve M Red Chipper Posts: 47 ✭✭
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    You seem to have ruled out a J; not sure why

    I'm not ruling it out so much as discounting it pretty heavily. I'm thinking he plays maybe 25% of his Jacks this way, for 2 reasons...

    First = He really played big hands fast. I would've expected a check-raise on the flop or a bigger river bet with trip jacks or a boat.

    Second = More of a live tell. He bet the turn relatively quickly (5 seconds) & the river very quickly (almost instant). He was a good enough player that if he did have the jack, the backdoor flush coming in should have given him some pause before betting.

    With that in mind, my challenge with villain's line was finding what he was betting for value & what he was betting as bluffs to figure out if I was good 1/3 of the time.
    Were you the villain in this hand :) ? You nailed it right on the head. Villain rolled over :Qc:Td to win the pot after I called.

    Truth be told, embarrassingly enough, I didn't see Q,10 when going through his possible holdings. Because of that, I thought my hand was good enough of the time to make the call. After posting this, now knowing that of course Q,10 is a likely holding, I feel like there were not enough bluffs to make this a +EV call. Now I can look back on this hand before the next tourney soooo glass half full?
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 3,399 -
    Well there's a thing.
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  • uglytunauglytuna Red Chipper Posts: 126 ✭✭
    His line appears to have you beat. Unless you think Ax would take this line.

    Picking up a FD on the Turn and barreling Turn and River is pretty strong vs a one pair holding.

    If V has a hand like Ax, most would be check-calling.

    If he is capable of bluffing, you have a very good bluff catcher.


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