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I've been doing some off table work, and I'm constructing my ranges on each street on various board textures. One thing that I've run into that I don't know how to solve for or even how to think through is how to maintain 66-70% continuing frequencies when draws come in. How do you ensure that you're not value owning yourself? For example, if top set was a value hand on the flop and turn, but the river completes a flush, would top set still be in your continuing range or would you instead prefer value hands from the prior street that block the flush?

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  • osirus0830osirus0830 Red Chipper Posts: 77 ✭✭
    Thanks that's really helpful insight. I think the difficulty for me is just getting past being a nit. I have to remind myself that a value bet doesn't have to be the nuts, but it just has to he ahead if what villain would reasonably call with. Thanks again.
  • osirus0830osirus0830 Red Chipper Posts: 77 ✭✭
    AlpineCurt wrote: »
    Value owning yourself is a cost of doing business. It'll just happen sometimes.

    Keep in mind, you don't need exactly 60-70% every time. Sometimes your range will whiff a board completely and others it'll hit so hard that your value range alone puts you over 70%. 70% is just the average. It's to keep you aware of your frequencies and from doing things like CBetting the flop followed by checking the turn too much.

    That makes sense. That is helpful feedback. I definitely appreciate it

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