Asking for a friend!

uglytunauglytuna Red Chipper Posts: 102 ✭✭

Blinds 150/300/50. Hero has about 36K, and both Villains cover you. Hero has a tough/aggro postflop image but hasn’t really been that active preflop, especially from early position.

Hero open to 750 with :Qs :Qd From UTG.

UTG+2, who plays well but doesn’t really get much into the whole 3-betting game, mostly takes a lot of flops and plays well postflop, 3B to 2025.

Another guy, older and on the loose passive side preflop but not a huge fish or anything, cold calls the 3B from the CO.

Folds back to Hero, who calls.

Flop :Td :9c :3h

6975 in pot.

Hero checks, 3better bets 2500, cold caller raises to 7500.

What do you do? (Cough cough) what should my friend do?

Did my friend screw up PF by not 4B?


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