Check or Jam ?

obliviusoblivius San FranciscoRed Chipper Posts: 108 ✭✭
Firstly I do realize that flatting this 3b was almost always wrong....
5NL 6max
I open CO 2.5x with :Jh:Qc (V is unknown to me thus far) full stacks
V in BU 3b to 8bb and I call
:Jd:Ts:4c FLOP (17.5bb)
I check call V's 11bb bet with TP
:8d TURN (39.5)
I check call V's 27bb bet with TP and GS
*At this point Vs range is TT+, AJo, KJs, JTs, maybe some AK AQ with at least 1 diamond
I do still have TP and block some of his good combos but also some of his bluff combos
:7c RIVER (93.5bb)
In hindsight I should have bluff shoved this card... I have more 9's in my range... But I chickened out. V only had 2/3 pot behind which I just wasn't sure he'd fold with an overpair or maybe even 2p which I do block somewhat... He's turns over KK.
Any thoughts to the shove pro and con would be appreciated Thanks


  • derdonkerderdonker San Jose, CA USARed Chipper Posts: 124 ✭✭
    i don't think you mentioned effective stacks. perhaps "full stacks" means 100bb.

    i think i'd play all the streets differently, but alas we're on the river, and the Q is to shove or not. i don't think your 99 or A9 makes it there, given the action, so i believe most V's will call your bluff with any decent bluff catcher or better. i suggest check/fold the river and take a different line next time. i think you should have been praying to the poker gods for a J on the river. lol

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