3 Bet Bluffing with A2s

gl523gl523 Red Chipper Posts: 86 ✭✭
$.02/.04 Online 5 Players
Effective Stack Size: $4.05

Hero is on BB with :AH: :2H: .
HJ limps. BU raises to $.20. Hero reraises to $.62. HJ calls. BU calls.

Pot: $1.88
Flop: :QC: :4C: :6C:
Hero checks. HJ checks. BU checks.

Pot: 1.88
Turn: :KC:
Hero checks. HJ bets $1.00. BU folds. Hero folds.

So it is a good idea to 3 bet bluff when someone is trying to isolate a player? I chose to 3 bet bluff due to having the ace as a blocker plus having straight and flush playability if someone calls. However, I don't know if the fact that BU was isoing rather than open raising would change whether or not a 3 bet bluff is good to implement. I think I should have at least made the bet size a little smaller since I was bluffing and few people at these stakes would notice the size decrease. I chose not to bluff further due to the fact that it was a multiway pot.


  • persuadeopersuadeo Red Chipper, Table Captain Posts: 3,962 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited April 22

    It's not that you shouldn't raise this but if you are going to lay prices that encourage calls, the composition of your entire range in this spot will need to be more value oriented. This could therefore be a fine reiso or not, depending on total hand selection.
  • derdonkerderdonker Red Chipper Posts: 123 ✭✭
    edited April 22
    preflop, i think it's too early to use sd and fd possibilities as a reason to bluff ... you don't even have a sd or fd yet. since only 2 players to iso, i'd save the chips and pass on that. i can see pf call then lead boards like the one you got as a bluff. i can also see a pf raise, to take a stand against an over aggressive blind-stealing btn, but perhaps when you have a better hand and/or hu with this btn.

    flop and turn, you could cbet as a bluff. seems like everyone gave up, and after two streets of checking, btn decided to take the pot with or without a high club.
  • adamzerneradamzerner Las VegasRed Chipper Posts: 55 ✭✭
    I think that people tend to iso a stronger range than they open-raise, so that does move the needle away from 3bet-bluffing. However, it doesn't necessarily move the needle all the way, such that you shouldn't 3bet-bluff. In fact, if you are going to 3bet-bluff at all, those smaller suited aces are the perfect hands to do it with (for reasons you mention - ace blocker, suited, etc. also you have some implied odds when you hit two pair, and if they have a monster like KK or QQ, you have outs to your ace).

    I like to follow Alex Fitzgerald's advice and target players who have a range of 15-20% of hands or wider. For 15%, you have to ask yourself if they're isoing stuff like ATo and A5s. For 20%, try QTo and and A2s. I'd lean towards 20% since you are OOP.

    To me, the spot seems a little opponent-specific. Against a TAGy player who likes to ISO but backs away from aggression, easy 3bet-cbet. But against a typical passive opponent, maybe not. Then again, I'm still trying to get better with my 3bets and aggression, maybe a better, more aggressive player than me sees this as an easy 3bet.
  • obliviusoblivius San FranciscoRed Chipper Posts: 68 ✭✭
    The player specific thing is a great point. Do you use a HUD? I'll assume not since we don't have any stats. One thing that jumped out at me is that the BU raise is 5x...Without history or stats I'd probably muck pre.
  • Joseph FJoseph F Red Chipper Posts: 813 ✭✭✭
    Yeah, this is way too loose pre.

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