To Fire or Not to Fire on the Turn

gl523gl523 Red Chipper Posts: 101 ✭✭
edited April 2019 in Online Poker Hands
$.02/.04 Online 6 Players
Effective Stack Size: $4.12

Hero is on BB with :JD::JS:
CO limps. Hero raises to $.20. CO calls.

Pot: $.42
Flop: :9C::5H::KS:
Hero bets $.13. CO calls.

Pot: $.68
Turn: :6S:
Hero checks. CO checks.

Pot: $.68
River: :8S:
Hero checks. CO checks.
CO shows :AD::TD:.

So Villain is the type who limp-calls with hands like J4s and A2o and flats with KK so Villain's range is really wide. I didn't fire on the turn due to fear of Villain having a K. I feared this due to the wide range of good hands that Villain would flat with preflop. I didn't pay enough attention to the types of hands Villain could continue with after a standard continuation bet other than one hand where Villain continued with a gutshot with A2o. Did I miss out on value here? The river check is due to being OOP on a wet board.


  • AHallai_3AHallai_3 Sault Ste Marie, MIRed Chipper Posts: 38 ✭✭
    Against someone who I find out floats the flop like this with virtually no back door draws, with no plan to bluff the turn after you check, puts me in pure value bet mindset until they change it up.

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