Switching from a Purely Exploitative to GTO Style at Low Stakes

__main____main__ Red Chipper Posts: 11 ✭✭
Hi everyone. I started playing poker seriously about two years ago. I learned from many training sites and was pretty much a slightly winning live/slightly losing online player.

In general, it seems that the community believes that exploitative lines are the way to win the most at the lowest stakes. However, I've found that most common conceptions about GTO and how they work at the small stakes are entirely wrong. Many of the core things you learn when you start studying a solver just straight up crush low stakes players with very little thinking required.

In March I've earned $4,439 at 1/2 live in 83 hours of play, and in April I am up $7,164 in 85 hours of play.

5NL before changing styles (Purely exploitative):

50NL results after changing styles

1/2 live March

1/2 live April

I'm curious if others have made the move over to a more solver-based style and the results you saw after the transition from a purely exploitative style?


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