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So I downloaded Equilab and I created a range for Hero and a range for Villain. I put in a flop and clicked the pie chart icon on one of the two players to see how the flop affects each player’s range and I see the interface with the little squares on the left for all of the possible hold card combinations and the hand decomposition on the right hand side consisting of all of the type of poker hands available given the flop. However, there is so much data regarding how the flop affects a player’s range that I don’t know how to make sense of it. How should one approach all of this data and what are some things to look out for? Are there other uses to this range distribution part of Equilab that are noteworthy?


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    Have you looked at any of the tutorial material?
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    What specifically are you having trouble understanding? Current Street Equity Graph is pretty straight forward, showing you the graph itself and then the number of total combos, as well as their breakdown. When you go into calculating the next street, there are more options such as entering in a range vs range, hand vs hand, range vs hand, etc. Most of these things, with poker software, are going to just start making more sense to you through experience and usage. Unfortunately, there really isn't much tutorial material or a walk through for Equilab. Power Equilab has a bit more explanatory material attached to it.

    You can go to or (as much as I loathe it) 2p2. Power Equilab has it's own thread on both forums. is the site that actually hosts the software and Nopi is the lead developer there. You can ask anything you want through those sources and they will discuss anything with you in depth.

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