BB vs SB 4 bet defense with KK

DPokerTDPokerT Red Chipper Posts: 25 ✭✭
6 max .50/1
Stacks are $157 effective.
Hero in BB with :Kh:Kc
SB opens to $3, Hero 3 bets to $10, SB 4 bets to $40.

My brief analysis of our options:

Folding: ridiculously unbalanced, and really can only fold here if villains 4 betting range here is KK+. Which is particularly unlikely given hero has been 3 betting frequently at this table, and we are blind vs blind here.

5 bet shove (what I did): I think this is probably the standard line, but at these stack depths we may be value owning ourselves.

Call: We keep all 4 bet bluffs (if any exist) in villains range, or keep the bottom of a linear 4 bet range in the hand, and allow him to put more money in post-flop with hands we beat.

Looking forward to hearing the forum's thoughts.

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