Raising JJ to $20 OOP over 4 that call a $5 straddle.

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I wish I had taken better notes but hoping for some feedback anyway.

H = 450
V1 = ~130
V2 = ~100
V3 = ~250-300

1/2 NL =

$5 straddle = About I think 4 or 5 players call and I'm in the small blind with :Jc:Jh .
I raise to $20. BB calls and 2 other middle position players call.

Flop (~$85) :Jd:Td:Ks

I bet $60 and the BB puts the rest in for $106 total. The 2 MP players fold and I obviously call and I think you all know what he has.

Thoughts? Or is it just a cooler? I think I played it correctly. If anything I think my preflop raise could have been bigger but I'm not sure that would have changed the outcome.


Oh and I'm 100% sure on the suits. I know the board had 2 suits on it I just don't remember what they were or if I had the J of that suit or not. I don't think it changes much though. Or does it?

Just looking for a little feedback


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    You have the 4th best hand and a short stack. It totally does not matter what he had.

    The big question, when $20 is a pretty standard open raise in $2-$5, why in the world did you raise 4-5 limpers to $20 over a $5 straddle. That is the problem in this hand. I would have made it more like $20 + (4*$5) for $40-$50 to go.

    Do you want to go five ways to the flop OOP in a bloated pot with JJ, because raising to $20 is how you do that.

    Also, edited the title to be more meaningful than "JJ"
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  • NTD12NTD12 Red Chipper Posts: 101 ✭✭
    Thank you Doug on both things.

    I thought that was where my mistake was on this hand but wanted confirmation.

    Not sure it would have changed the final outcome though as V had AQ suited. It's possible he might have folded but not sure. I know the other 2 would have folded.
  • Michael EMichael E Red Chipper Posts: 124 ✭✭
    Agree with Doug. You can open to $20 if nobody has entered the Pot...once they you get 4 limpers...Im adding $5 for every limper as my standard.
    1 limper - $25
    2 - $30
    3- $35
    I might even go $50 like im Buying it.

    Other than that...standard cooler. Never folding the flop with those stacks and that pot.

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