Pocket Tens OOP in a 4 bet pot

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Background: Online 2$ 4$, part way into the 3rd orbit. I normally play 1$ - 2$ online but have recently been playing some 2/4 when the game looks decent. Table is typically seeing 2-3 players to the flop, with it being raised PF a large portion of the time. Average stack size is 110 BB

Villain: MP+2, defiantly the most active person at the table. He has me covered with 167 BB. With only 3+ orbits it's a short sample size but he has been playing 40% of his hands and has 3 bet on 4 previous occasions, along with multiple 2bet squeezes. The only hand he has shown down was a set of 2s that he cold called with while UTG+2.

Hero: Dealt :Tc :Ts in MP with 101 BB

Preflop: Folded to Hero who raises to 3 BB, folded around to villain who 3 bets to 8.6 BB. Folded back to Hero who 4 Bets it to 22.5 BB

Flop: 46.5 BB :As :2s :5s Hero bets 25 BB, Villain shoves All in.

My thoughts during play:
Preflop: Easy open raise here, with the amount of action the villain has been giving I feel that he is 3 betting fairly light. I 4 bet with the intent to pickup the pot Preflop. I put his range on mid pairs+, AQ+, KQs, along with some stronger suited connectors, I suspect that he also has a few random hands included as bluffs.

Flop: With the exception of some of his weaker bluff hands I felt that most of his range was still in play and that a C bet appropriate. Preflop he would have shoved with AA and KK. At this limit I'm not certain if he would have shoved preflop with AK or QQ, I think that he is more likely to shove PF with AK but I could expect him to see it here part of the time. Having the spade in my hand also gave me some additional equity against some of his stronger range. I am ahead of most of his pocket pairs along with any of the suited connectors he continued with. In the event that he has JJ/QQ I do have a spade that might still be good, similarly if he has AK/AQ I have outs against some of those combinations with the flush draw. Once he pushed all in on the flop I had 53 BB remaining so I was a getting a little worse then 2:1 pot odds on a call. I felt that a board like this he might push any of his middle pairs in an attempt to push me off a stronger hand. If he has AQ, I think that he will probably call the fop bet here. AK is still a possibility but I still felt that a most of the time he would have shoved Preflop or wait until the turn to raise it. Based on this I decided that this was a thin call for value, I was against either a smaller pair, or if I was behind and the pot odds given justified the call with non nut flush draw.

Results and post play thought:

Hero calls all in and Villain shows
:8h :8s

Turn and River cards are blanks and the hand takes it, although I am pleased with the results I am still curios if my C bet and flop call were too thin here. Against most players I would not have played it this way but I felt that his range was still wider then normal here. I also feel that my 4bet could have been a little larger.



  • adamzerneradamzerner Las VegasRed Chipper Posts: 61 ✭✭
    I'm not good at 4bets and don't play higher stakes games like these so I don't really know what I'm saying, but I'll give it a whirl!

    It seems reasonable to assume that he's 3betting something like 15% of hands here, and I suppose to further assume that he's continuing with half of that vs the 4bet, so 7.5%. Your TT has about 52% equity vs a 7.5% range, so slight edge there. Being OOP you have a disadvantage and might not realize it all, but having initiative moves the needle the other way, as does the fact that it's a small SPR. There's also the advantage of folding out the bottom half of his range with the 4bet. So a 4bet seems slightly optimal here. Especially because flatting is rough because you'll be flopping a lot of middle pairs OOP without initiative.

    This seems like a really tough spot to me. Against a 7.5% range of ATs+, AJo+, 77+, and KQs, they have top pair about 73% of the time and are probably getting it in with it. They'll also probably get it in with any pair plus flush draw. So it seems like a huge part of their range is just getting it in with such a small SPR. And against that range your TT isn't too good. But what can you do, check/fold? I dunno, seems rough to me, but I don't feel like I have a good understanding.
  • persuadeopersuadeo Red Chipper, Table Captain Posts: 4,002 ✭✭✭✭✭
    A nicely played hand. I would only question your assumption that he would put in yet another raise with his best hands always.
  • Warrington_1Warrington_1 Red Chipper Posts: 27 ✭✭
    On the flop your hand is only 36% to his 63%. 132 combos beat you. That was using your 40% estimate of hands
  • AlpineCurtAlpineCurt Red Chipper Posts: 55 ✭✭
    Concerning the CBet on the flop: Is our 4Bet range ace heavy enough (both value and bluffs) that we're CBetting 100% of the time on this flop? Would we have a checking range?

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