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So the other day in a tournament She folded KK in a following situation. Hero open raise to 3.5bb. BB calls. Flop 934, two spades. He checks, Hero bet pot size. V goes all-in. Hero just got moved to the table so no reads on the guy (he could be a maniac or a tight) but he has bigger stack than me. Also, we're about 15 people away from the money, so there's icm considerations. I had 40 bigs at that point, so I didn't think it was prudent, in that particular juncture, to risk my whole stack and tournament life. So I folded, hesitantly. I ended up cashing, but that hand still nags me.


  • MichaelBMichaelB Red Chipper Posts: 211 ✭✭✭
    You sure this is for a friend?

    When you bet pot, you signal you're either strong or don't want a call. This could cause your opponent to just jam a hand like a set or two pair, (not very likely here), or it could cause someone to think you're just trying to buy the pot, overvalue their hand and jam with a hand like 9x or TT, which is much more likely here. It's difficult to get spots better than this late in a tournament. I call. Is this why I don't go very well in tournaments?
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    It's usually going to be a slightly ahead, way behind situation and folding is fine, but a pot-sized flop bet at that stack depth is extremely inefficient.
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