Exploiting Regs In Big O. Greg Vail, May 30th 9ET

Hey Everyone:

The 50th WSOP in Las Vegas gets underway at the end of this month. While this is the pinnacle of the tournament year for many players, for others it marks great cash game action in virtually any poker variant at any limit.

With this in mind, our PRO group coaching session on May 30th will be presented by RCP Omaha-8 specialist Greg Vail on the topic “Exploiting Regs In Big O.” If you have followed Greg's big bet O8 content here at Red Chip, you'll know he has described a fundamental strategy for destroying weak players, but what extra bells and whistles do you need to take on more competent opposition? Greg will explain how understanding how regs think will allow you to develop counter-strategies to stay one step ahead of them and scoop more than your fair share of pots.

You can sign up for Greg's session via your PRO dashboard. If you have questions for Greg but cannot attend the session in person, please feel free to leave them in this thread. These questions will be addressed at the end of the session and you can find out the answers by watching the replay. To get you primed, you'll find some pertinent review material on your PRO dashboard. I picked three videos I thought best aligned with the concepts Greg will be presenting, but if you're new to PLO8/Big O it'd be a good idea to review all his PRO content for us.

Thanks ~ Kat
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    Hey everyone:

    As we move towards Greg Vail's group coaching session at the end of the month, we will be again be putting out a bunch of supplementary material. Keep an eye on YouTube for something new we're trying - minivids - starting on the 20th.

    Until then, here's an article Greg wrote for us: "Transitioning From Other Games To Big O."
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