GTO+/CREV and sidepots

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I have GTO+ and CREV licenses, and was wondering if it's at all possible to solve from a street after a sidepot has been created in a previous one.

E.g. to the flop with 3 players. One player goes all-in and the other two call. On the turn two players are contending for the side pot.

If I want to solve this hand from the turn on, would there be any theoretical justification why this would be impossible?

If there isn't, is there anyway to manipulate GTO+ or CREV to deal with this? In CREV I've tried including the player who went all-in on a previous street in the hand with 0 stack, but the software still demands an action from this player and if I make this player check their entire range it's complaining that it can only handle HU pots.

I've tried screaming at my screen but that doesn't seem to work either


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