2/5 TT what are you doing on this river

needaglassofmilkneedaglassofmilk Red Chipper Posts: 67 ✭✭

$500 eff

2 villains, Regs, thinking players but gambly, usually loose but playing tight as it is early at a new table.

Here’s the hand

We open :Ts:Tc

mp to $25

villains in blinds call

Pot $75

Flop 229 :2h:2d:9h

xx Hero bets $50 cc

Pot $225



Hero bets $150 cc

Pot $675



checks to us


  • ishmael2013ishmael2013 Red Chipper Posts: 1 ✭✭
    I'm going to agree with Adamzerner. Although we don't have 2x in our range, the blinds will almost never have 2x given that they are tightish regs that flatted from the blinds. This means we can get some value on the river from 9x.

    Secondly, we raised from MP which means we can almost certainly discount JJ+ from their ranges. If we had raised UTG, it might be more likely for a hand like JJ to flat from SB. So we're not very concerned about value owning ourselves.
  • Michael EMichael E Red Chipper Posts: 124 ✭✭
    I'm not comfortable betting into two players hoping I get one of them to call with a 9. Even thinking regs would likely fold their 9.
    Have we discounted 99?
    JJ is definitely in their range as many live players hate that hand and play it terribly.

    When you bet 2/3 pot on the turn...there is little reason for either player in the blinds to raise with a better hand, especially a 2.

    I probably would of checked back the turn, and called any river bet or bet $200 on the river if checked to.

    Either way, you picked up a nice pot if you were ahead and didn't miss much value from hands you beat.
  • persuadeopersuadeo Red Chipper Posts: 4,296 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Not really sure what one is expecting two players, one with a small blind flatting range vs a 5x open, to show up in the turn with. He shouldn't have a lot of 9x. If he does somehow have 9x, what does that leave the BB with?

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