Hero Calling With TPWK

gl523gl523 Red Chipper Posts: 101 ✭✭
$.02/.04 Online 5 Players
Effective Stack Size: $3.70

Hero is on BB with :KH::5S: .
BU who is forced to enter checks. SB limps. Hero checks.

Pot: $.12
Flop: :6C::KC::9S:
SB checks. Hero bets $.08. BU calls. SB folds.

Pot: $.28
Turn: :JH:
Hero bets $.10. BU calls.

Pot: $.48
River: :QC:
Hero checks. BU bets $.48. Hero calls.
BU shows :JD::TC: .

I bet the flop and turn thinking that Kx with a better kicker would probably raise instead of limp. I didn't realized that some straight combos made the turn when I was playing; otherwise, I would have made the turn bet bigger. I also didn't realize that flushes made it on the river; otherwise, this would have been a clear fold. Aside from those two issues, is there any reason to think that Villain could have been bluffing with the pot sized bet? I interpreted it as a polarizing move and thought it to be unlikely that Villain would call two streets with only a ten; hence, the call.


  • LeChiffreLeChiffre NetherlandsRed Chipper Posts: 641 ✭✭✭
    edited May 2019
    Let's see
    - microstakes
    - player on the button posts his blind and checks, giving him all possible Tx and flush combinations (that's a LOT) aside from the premiums he might raise preflop
    - all flopped flush draws likely play this way
    - still a lot of Tx can get here this way, pretty much most of T6-KT
    - passive player suddenly very aggressive on the river with very little bluffs
    - no blockers
    - probably worst river in the deck for you

    Fold river
  • RedRed Red Chipper Posts: 2,313 ✭✭✭✭
    I don't even see where we can consider calling this river ? Against what do you expect to win ? 97o ?
  • rickmfrickmf Red Chipper Posts: 107 ✭✭
    you don't even have a bad kicker you have no kicker.

    without reads or stats this should be a fold. Possible call without 4 to the straight and flush available depending on player type. Even though tons of 2 pairs hands are in range too.

    i suck at folding but i would be doing it in this spot
  • GTOLife2020GTOLife2020 Hudson Valley, NYRed Chipper Posts: 875 ✭✭✭

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