Too Aggressive? Too many Folds? Is this a good strategy?

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I took a second shot at 2/5 the other day. My first shot did not go so well.

I've had several sessions in a row at 1/2 and had profited each time. I have been working on my preflop game and really focusing on that. So far it has worked out. NO MORE LIMPING. I have been keeping a mental note and I think in the last 16 hours of play I have limped maybe 8 times...didn't win a pot.

I took some notes on the 2/5 session the other day. The notes are ok but one thing I forgot to include is the effective stack sizes. I don't think the stack sizes play a big role as most of the pots everyone had at least $500 in front of them.

I'm not sure if I'm looking for an in-depth analysis of each hand but how I played each hand based on my overall strategy. My strategy sitting down was just to be fairly straight up but aggressive preflop and not get out of line and then go from there depending on how the table is.

Hand #1: This is the hand that got me started. I must have screwed something up with the voice memo because this one is missing. I'm pretty sure how this hand went but may have been off with the suits. I have about $500 and have already added on early so I'm into the game for $600. Felt like I was getting pushed around a bit.
In the BB with :Jh:Th UTG limps. Button makes it $25 I call, limper calls.

Flop:$75; :Js:9h:6d I check, UTG checks and button bets $100. I shove it all in, UTG immediately folds and button thinks for at least a minute and folds KK face up. At this point, I realize I have a ton fold equity at this table. UTG told me he fold AJ. I also think the 3 flush 3 straight is an ok hand to shove with.

Hand #2.
I have :Js:Jd in the big blind. Cut off makes it $20. I intend to 3 bet but the SB makes it $70. I don't really want to play this hand 3 way out of position and I don't think it is strong enough to 4bet so I fold. Original raiser folds. Too nitty? I think it is a good fold but not sure.

Hand #3: UTG+1(~$300?) limps. Folds to me on the button with :Th:Jh I make it $25. Limper calls.

Flop $50: :Kd:Ts:Jc I bet $25. UTG calls.
Turn $100: :8d UTG checks, I bet $75 and UTG folds.

At first, I thought I bet too much on this board and generated too many folds but now that I look at it Q9 is definitely in a limp call range and I think maybe I got lucky? Thoughts?

Hand #4: :Kh:Ks I'm in the BB. UTG limps. Button raise to $20. I think about 3 betting but I think I'm ok playing this hand out of position. I just call hoping to keep the limper in.(In hindsight I think this might be a mistake).

Flop:$60: :3h:3c:9h I check limper bets $30, button calls and I make it $150. Both players fold. Too big? I don't see too many 3 in any range out there. I think I'm ok just taking the $120?

Hand #5. :Ac:Kc in the BB. Cutoff makes it $20, button call, SB call, I make it $200...everyone folds. Again I think this might be too big but my thought was if I make it $100 and the original raiser calls then the other two are getting odds to call and they might and then we're having a party and I'm playing out of position.

In all I think this strategy paid off as one of the biggest hands I won I didn't take detailed notes on. I had :Ah:Ad in early position, I open for $25. BB who had just got busted and rebought for $400 makes it $100. I shove and he calls. The AA holds. He never shows his hand but can only think KK or AK but may have had other hands and was just tilted from just losing earlier.


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    I think you are too aggressive in some spots and too passive in others. In the first hand why are you shoving TPWK in a multiway pot? When your opponent bets $100 into a $75 pot I see it as him going for max value/being scared of straight draws and think he will have a very strong range here. You were able to get a better hand to fold here but most of the time I think this shove will only get you called by hands that have you in bad shape. There are a lot of draws on this board and the only value hands you could have are J9, 66 and 99(probably 3bets a lot of the time).
    In hand 3 why do you decide to flat with KK OOP but in hand 4 decide to 3bet with AK? Both of these are slam dunk 3bets however your 3bet sizing was too large in hand 4.
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    Thanks Ryan. Couple reasons I shoved the first hand. I really didn't think the board was as connected as maybe it was. Really the only draws out there in my mind at the time some kind of 10 hand that I block and maybe a 7,8. I thought the $100 bet into a $75 pot was a bit of a steal attempt. I will certainly look out for similar spots in the future like this.

    I agree in hand 4 the 3 bet sizing was too big but I really was ok with folds and picking up the dead money. I don't think I am a strong enough player yet to play AK OOP.

    With the KK hand I felt at the time I wanted to keep the limper in for more value but in hindsight it was definitely a mistake. Keeping the limper in only nets me an additional $20 preflop but if I raised I would have gone to at least $75 netting $50 from one caller.

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    Curious as to how many hours you have at 1/2?

    I'd play most of your game at $1/2 and then some occasional shots at $2/5.
    It looks like you might get yourself in some tricky spots as the regs figure out your play a bit. June is the perfect month for $2/5 since most regs are in Vegas :)

    I agree with Ryan...sometimes passive..sometimes over-aggressive...but the good thing is your working on it and thinking about it afterwards!!!

    3bet to $200 is WHOA....not 3betting with KK meh.
  • NTD12NTD12 Red Chipper Posts: 101 ✭✭
    Thanks Michael. I have only been tracking since the beginning of March so don't have a ton of hours logged of solid data. I have 98 hours of 1/2 and 13 hours of 2/5.

    I took the shot at 2/5 as I was running well and wanted the experience with the bet sizing. I think this experience has helped me at the 1/2 tables.

    Still working on those preflop spots like the AK over bet but I think I mostly need to work on my post flop play and hand reading so I don't feel the need to bet $200 pre to get the folds.
  • Michael EMichael E Red Chipper Posts: 124 ✭✭
    A little bit of 2/5 really helps you play 1/2 in my opinion.
    When you see how fast the swings go in 2/5....playing 1/2 lets you make the right bets at the right time and not see it as a big amount of money!

    The mental aspect of being down $1,000 or more is something I'm hoping to overcome this summer playing 2/5.

    Being down $400 in 1/2 is standard and not an issue at all.
  • NTD12NTD12 Red Chipper Posts: 101 ✭✭
    Yes that was my goal also. My first session of 2/5 I was down 1k and battled through it to only lose about $400.

    I recently played a 1/2 session and was down 3 buy ins within the first 45 minutes and stuck through it, smartened up and was able to cash a small win for the session. The 2/5 experience definitely helped with that.

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