Why so many online poker all ins shoves?

PsydwinderPsydwinder Red Chipper Posts: 26 ✭✭
All in calls while I am in a coin flip situation in online poker have become an increasingly frustrating issue for me. I ran this scenario through Equilab and against a random hand I had 44 percent equity so I don't feel terrible about it. When I plugged in what villain was holding I only had about 25 percent equity though. But I am in these spots frequently and they don't work out for me about 8/10 times.

I'm pretty frustrated because I played tournament after tournament today and kept getting caught in these situations where I have four to flush or four to a strait on the flop with something like 10-17BB on the bubble and I have to call I feel like because if not I will be stuck with less than 10BB and possibly card dead for a while with really high blinds that will eat my stack.

So the last situation went like this:

On the bubble in a turbo tournament
, 6 minute levels. My stack was going up and down, and not relatively bad since it was a turbo and hardly anyone had over 15BB.
Blinds: 400/800 My stack: 9820 (12BB) Villain's stack: 22,907 (28BB)

I'm sitting in the small blind with Ac2h and feeling like I will need to take a risk and either try and hit an ace or a strait because the blinds were about to increase. Side note, I saw the same player shove with a J4o and win as well as some other hands like that and he had won a few all ins with questionable hands. I was determined to call any of his raises.

LoJack raises 2bb (1600) it folds to me and I call. Only the Lojack and myself and the BB are in the hand. Flop is 4s 3h 7d. The pot was 5,600 and I bet 1/4 pot (1,400). The BB folded and Villain raised to around 11,000 (putting me all in if I call) At this point I felt like a drawing hand such as 65 was a viable option for villain being as he only raised 2BB but I also observed that he bet big on any top pair he had giving me the impression that he could also have a marginal hand such as K7o J7o or Q7o. or even just a pair of 4's Given the prior hands I watched villain play I decided to make the call.

Cards flip over and villain has KK
Turn card comes the King of diamonds improving villain to a set. And the Flop comes with the almost helpful 6 of clubs..

I know I made some mistakes in the hand. I wouldn't have done that in a cash game. I usually stick with not going all in unless I have a made hand but then you get stuck wondering if you would have completed your draw. The all-in jams are so frequent in online poker I am getting very frustrated with it. It seems like that is the standard bluff size regardless of stack depth and people go all in with marginal hands all the time leaving you wondering what in the world he could be jamming with this time. I would appreciate any tips from online pros or anyone that has overcome this. Thanks!

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  • PsydwinderPsydwinder Red Chipper Posts: 26 ✭✭
    There were. I should've been quicker to fold on a couple of gutshots. And called too many 3bets with hands like K10o. Most of those questionable decisions were out of desperation of not wanting to go to the final table with less than 20BB. I also didn't consider that I was playing out of position with a marginal hand. I kind of got money eyes when I thought of the disguised strait possibilities lol I haven't made it to the ICM portion of CORE but its starting to look like I need that one.
  • obliviusoblivius San FranciscoRed Chipper Posts: 108 ✭✭
    It's a tough spot pre... Do you try for fold equity or flat with marginal hand OOP? I'd say it's a shove pre or fold...I'm not a tourney guy (mostly) either. Also, what was the flop donk bet about? You can't afford that as a probe bet. ANY made hand will/should put you all in at that point. Run your equity calc against those hands (ranges) you mentioned about like K7 J7 etc. Those are NOT marginal hands
  • PsydwinderPsydwinder Red Chipper Posts: 26 ✭✭
    Good points guys I appreciate the input.

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