Why the 70% is a pyramid

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I just want to make sure I have this right. I watched the first 2 One-percent videos, and it's a whole new way of looking at poker for me.

(btw...I watched a game last night and was able to see the frequency vulnerabilities all over the place. I can't remember a single hand where a player who made a move suggested by the one-percent method lost. Slot Machine play was played by about 60% of the players, and even those who didn't play this way showed weakness occasionally)

So back to the reason for my post. When Sweeney was explaining the 70% concept in the video, at first it occurred to me it should be a rectangle from preflop to river. I didn't understand why it was a pyramid.

But I think it makes sense (and why the River is at the top of the pyramid) if this is right:

You continue with 70% of your hands...each street.

So if you went in on 100 hands, 70 of those would continue to the turn (70 hands).

Out of those 70 hands, 70% would continue to the river (49 hands).

Of those, 70% would continue to showdown (34 hands).

So basically out of 100 hands, about a third would take you through to the very end.

Is that right? Is that why the River is at the top of the pyramid in the smallest box, and why it's constructed that way?


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