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Is there a way to figure how much time it would take in a tournament to make the money?

For example a tournament with a starting stack of 30,000 chips with 30 minute levels.

Blinds start at 100/100 and BB ante starts at level 3 100/200. The ante = the BB.

200 players would take X amount of time?

150 players?

300 players?

Just curious as I am thinking of playing a tournament. I play mostly cash and some tournaments but never ones that are as large as 150+ players.

Based on smaller tournaments that I have played I estimate it will take 7-8 hours to make the money. Sound about accurate?



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    There are algorithms, but the easiest ways of doing it are: 1) ask floor, 2) check-out the tournament clock on Bravo when the same structure runs. Your estimate is in the ballpark but will depend on how many of the Chainsaw-preferred intermediate levels are skipped.
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    Thank you Kat. It is not a regular tournament so I won't be able to get a gauge via Bravo. I think this would also make it difficult for the floor to determine as they don't know have a history really of how many players play in this tournament.

    It's the Memorial day tournament at Foxwoods and last year there was 268.
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    Oh Foxwoods is big enough that even if this is an unusual structure the TD will have a good idea of time to bubble and time to final table. They kinda have to for staffing purposes.
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    Good point, thank you. I'll give them a call.

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