All-in with weak set

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Hi All,

I am playing 1/2 in Casino. Been in the board for an Hour.

Villain 1 was a elderly man busted AA to a set and lost all his buyin and he is in the 2nd buyin had around $80

Villain 2 , He was trash talking middle aged guy. Looks like he was drunk a bit. Has around 185ish. He was bluffing with a huge raise and showing his card. Looks like Very LAG.

Hero has around 220

HERO MP1 :6c :6h
Villain 2 MP2
Villain 1 Cutoff

Preflop Action

SB $1
BB $2
UTG1 $2
UTG2 $2
Hero $2 ( Call)
Villain 2 $2 ( call)
Villain 1 $12 (Raise)

SB Folds
BB Folds
UTG1 Folds
UTG2 Folds
Hero ( Its been long time i played , So played for set mining hands , Thinking if i hit , I will stay else i will fold) Call
Villain 2 Call

POT = 41

Flop :6D: :8D: :JC:

Hero , Scared about the draws but was trying to check-raise as soon as any raise and letting the Preflop aggressor to C bet this to raise him. Checked
Villain2 Checked
Villain 1 , Goes All In for $70

Hero: I thought , This is the opportunity and i think Villain 1 will call with any hand and he may chase to a straight or a flush, So I re raised and Went ALL in for remaining chips.

Villain 2 , Tanked for long time and he folded

Villain 1 showed AA and the Turn was :7D: and River was a :QC:

I take this pot and Villain 2 was pissed with the flop and said I made him to miss his Straight FLush and he is going to watch out for me and will come and get me :-)


1)what do you think about my play?
2) Should or shouldn't i risked all my Chips in a draw heavy Smaller set? I felt happy but on my drive back, I was thinking may be not as i risked all my cipe.. There could be a better bet there.. Let me know.


  • wescrowescro Red Chipper Posts: 18 ✭✭
    To answer your second question first, upon review I think putting all-in was a good play. As is, if your read was correct, and V1 would call with much worse (two pairs, flush-only draws) then it was a good play no matter what (it's always best to be process-, not results-oriented). Assuming V1 wasn't lying and would've had a straight flush, let's assume he had 9dTd (and he wasn't considering a call with only an inside straight draw and weak flush draw), then he was actually getting 42% against a set and therefore wasn't getting a good enough price to call your all-in, but would've been getting an amazing price to peel one off if you only call the $70 all-in from V1.

    The only thing I would've done different is not chased a set with a raise from a conservative OMC before the flop, particularly when he's got a small SPR and we only get paid off with a small stack when we hit. But glad to see it worked out. As played, I think you played the flop correctly.
  • BigDaddyBigDaddy Red Chipper Posts: 30 ✭✭
    I would not have gone all in on the flop to shut V2 out. IMO the only reason to call V1 pre flop given stack sizes was the hope that V2 would call and you could flop a set and stack him. Well, you flopped your set, then you did all you could do to make sure V2 didn’t play. Forget what V2 said he had. The three player dynamic makes this hand more challenging when it comes to charging V2 a premium to keep playing, but I would attempt it anyway. If I flop a set, I’m looking to get paid. Even if they make their draw you have outs in most cases.
  • CASEY MCASEY M Red Chipper Posts: 138 ✭✭
    As stated earlier, setmining against the pfr in this situation is
    -EV. With such a passive table and one volatile guy, why not raise pre?
  • AlpineCurtAlpineCurt Red Chipper Posts: 55 ✭✭
    What was your reasoning for limping preflop instead of opening?

    But as played: these spots intrigue me. You flop what is almost certainly the best hand and have two opponents from whom you can easily extract value. Do we raise to isolate one of them, or do we encourage the other along with their draws? It almost feels like a poker fable about greed.

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