2 hands from $1150 buy in Tournament

AneeryAneery Red Chipper Posts: 9 ✭✭
Hi Everyone,

I was lucky enough to win a satellite into $1150 buy in Main Event at the local casino.
The event is an accumulator with 3 flights/days (so you can buy in each day and accumulate chips for the day 2). I was playing day 1 flight A.

Hand 1
Blinds 50/100
Action preflop: UTG limps MP1 (stack 13k) limps Hero (stack 15k) HJ with :Ad:Ah raises to 500. Folds to MP1 who calls. MP1 is a tournament regular, usually doesn't go out of the line too much.

Flop: :Jd:8D: d :4h Pot: 1250
MP1 donks for 700; Hero calls

Turn: :2h Pot: 2650
MP1 bets 1000. Hero raises to 3000. MP1 tanks for 2 minutes before calling.

River: :7d Pot: 8650
MP1 bets 3000; Hero?

Hand 2
Blinds 50/100
Action preflop: Hero (stack 6k) UTG opens 300 with :9h:Th MP2 (15k stack) raises 1300. Folds to Hero who calls. MP2 TAG reg who loves to isolate open raises.

Flop: :Jh:8h:4c Pot: 2900
Check check

Turn: :AC:
Hero leads 1500, MP2 shoves allin. Hero?

Your feedback will be highly appreciated!


  • andreicosandreicos Red Chipper Posts: 29 ✭✭
    H1: It could be a flush or pocket 44. T9 is also a possibility. You do have the Ace blocker however so that leaves only a few combos of flushes he could have. So there are roughly 12-15 combos that beat you. You say he doesn't go out of line too much, yet a donk flop is not a usual play in my experience. If he ever plays top pair this way or bluffs I think you have to call..especially with this good price.

    H2: I think T9s UTG should be a fold vs a 3b, especially 60bb deep and vs that size. Flop I go for x/r. Turn you have 15 outs and roughly ~30% equity to hit the river. You need to call 3000 to win 7400, so you need ~29% to call. I'm not sure what the ICM considerations are here, but I'm assuming since you can rebuy there is actually good value in accumulating a larger stack, and you don't have to be too worried about losing all your chips. Perhaps you'd want to just shove turn yourself to avoid having to make such a marginal call, and to get maximum FE.

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