Playing From The Blinds, Mike Gano

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Hey everyone:

We're returning to NLHE cash games in June's group coaching session and incorporating a couple of themes in which you've expressed interest: blind play and playing OOP. Mike Gano will present “Playing From The Blinds,” June 26th, 9pm ET. As usual the session is free and exclusive to PRO members.

So why is blind play even a topic? First, nobody relishes playing out of position. This may lead to a tendency of over-folding from the blinds. Second, like it or not, the blinds come round once an orbit, so if your blind play is weak you're inevitably dribbling away chips and hurting your win-rate.

Mike Gano takes an interesting approach in this presentation, starting with the acknowledgment that the games we all play in differ in style and structure. For this reason, Mike emphasizes how to think conceptually about blind play within the framework of our specific games. From this starting point, Mike will teach you when to defend and when to fold your blinds. If you defend, Mike will explain how to construct optimal calling and 3-bet ranges. With the preflop side of things nailed down, playing OOP postflop becomes a whole lot simpler. [Note we'll be continuing the theme of OOP play in July, again in response to your requests.]

One can argue that blind play is even more important in tournaments, particularly when stacks are short. The distinction between deepish-stacked cash and short-stacked tournaments is so large, however, that this group coaching session will focus exclusively on the former. For tournament play, please refer to our PRO videos on the topic as well as our recently released crash course “MTT 3-Bet Shoves.”

Note that as usual I've added some suggested prep material for you to review before the session. We'll have an L3 hand analysis from Mike in a few days that I'll announce in the CORE thread and which will be highly pertinent too.

Thanks ~ Kat
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